Joseph Gordon Levitt is one talented actor and with his new film, 'Don Jon,' he shows us that acting is not the only thing he's good at.

Not only does Levitt star in this film, he wrote and directed it as well. Levitt plays Jon Martello, (aka Don Jon) an Italian American from New Jersey. Jon is single, works as a bartender. He loves to hang out with his buddies at the local clubs, loves to pick up girls and have sex with them and loves to watch internet porn.

In fact, Jon is addicted to porn. He watches it before sex, during sex and after sex. The dude can't get enough of it. And he just doesn't watch it; he gets off to it at least 17 times a day!  That's right, 17 times a day, give or take one or two times.

He's also a good Catholic boy. Every Sunday in the confessional, Jon tells his priest all about his sexual escapades. The priest gives him a bunch of Hail Mary's and Our Father's to recite and then Jon, having been absolved of his sins, is free to start sinning - all over again.

Jon's one happy guy but of course, this being a movie, his contentment cannot last. Conflict is just around the corner...and it comes in the form of a gorgeous, bright, extremely high maintenance, New Jersey girl, Barbara Sugarman (the wonderful Scarlett Johansson).

Barbara, who loves Hollywood movies, is determined to find her Prince Charming. Well Jon isn't exactly her Prince Charming, but that's not a problem for Babs. She'll just turn him into one and Jon, thinking he's in love, is more than happy to oblige.

Jon even returns to school and of course, promises (after he's caught) to give up watching porn, forever.
Piece of cake, right? Not exactly.

'Don Jon' is a funny, touching, romantic film that even has a couple of surprises. It also has the always excellent, Julianne Moore, who plays Esther, a woman who comes into Jon's life and turns it upside down.  

I liked 'Don Jon' which opens in theatres, Friday September 27, 2013 a lot and gave it 4 bagels out of 5.

Check out our video to see John's bagel rating (Hint: He actually liked this one) and for more of our thoughts.

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