Since "Dollhouse" has only been approved for thirteen episodes (an extra one will be on the DVD), it is nearing the end of this season and perhaps the end of the show itself. Time tells on that, but you'd best get your fill of the Actives now. Last week's episode "Spy in the House of Love" continues the excellent writing and acting that has brought this show up to a new level. It brings new layers to Echo, Adelle, and makes Ballard face a harsh truth. If only they started the show out this good, and on a different night, we could all be preparing for a second season.

The show is separated into different storylines and each character's point of view is shown. Echo sees flashes from Topher's lab and then a splatter of blood, and she and Sierra look concerned. It shifts back several hours when Boyd brings Echo back from a dominatrix case, and Topher informs him that there is a spy in the Dollhouse. Topher did think at first it was Boyd, so he was confronting him first to give him a chance to run. Aw, Topher has a mancrush. Once Boyd assures him that he did nothing, Topher tells Lawrence what happened and classically the jerky security head goes ballistic on him. They program Sierra to be a super spy to help figure out who it is, but Echo privately goes to Topher and offers to be changed to help him as well. Topher is freaked out ... but also intrigued.

From November's point of view, she is turned back to Mellie and returns to her life with Ballard. He has gone completely crazy, and she gently brings him back to reality. Just when it looks like they may make up, Mellie goes into blank Doll stare and is being used by the 'mole' to tell Ballard more information. He is understandably horrified when he realizes his girlfriend is a Doll, but the message is not to let Mellie know, or the Dollhouse will kill him. He looks sick when she comes back to herself, and completely heartbroken. Poor guy.

When a traitor is discovered inside the Dollhouse, Echo (Eliza Dushku) is programmed as a spy hunter to uncover the culprit in the DOLLHOUSE episode "A Spy in the House of Love". ©2009 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Isabella Vosmikova/FOX

Sierra gets to have an awesome Alias-like mission where she is a secret agent and breaks into a top level security base for the NSA. She gets the information they need, although Echo is back at the Dollhouse as a human profiler. She interviews Topher, Boyd, Ivy (Topher's assistant), and Claire. Sierra proves that it is Ivy, but Echo points out that the information was planted on purpose, and reveals the true spy: Lawrence. Yes! This moves into a great physical fight between him and Echo, and she finally gets him back for trying to kill her. It looks like Echo didn't gain full closure, guys. Don't be surprised.

On a side story that becomes somewhat important, Adelle has been secretly buying Victor to be her perfect man. He appears to go to an old lady, and then drives off to Adelle. It's sweet and sad and sick all at once. They talk about running away together, fence a little, and the actors have surprisingly great chemistry. She gets a call and bursts out into tears, as Victor comforts her. This gives us a sense of how Adelle really feels when she hears of Lawrence's betrayal. Once she faces him directly, she is all ice and orders him to be sent to the attic. The audience sees as they strap him to a chair and he wildly flails and fights, even shooting Adelle in the side which explains the blood at the start of the episode. He is wiped clean, and then Boyd is promoted to his position. Echo gets a new handler, which she doesn't seem to like too much.

It'll be sad not to see Boyd and Echo together, since they are such a genuine connection on this show, but this doesn't mean the real mole has been found. Whoever programmed November and Echo to help Ballard was probably not Lawrence, and Alpha still has not been revealed. Plenty left to find out on "Dollhouse," may it hopefully not rest in peace.

Dollhouse Cast: Eliza Dushku, Harry J. Lennix, Fran Kranz, Tahmoh Penikett, Enver Gjokaj, Dichen Lachman, Olivia Williams

Story by Chelsea 'Dee' Doyle

Starpulse contributing writer