So "Dollhouse" is back, but only as long as it takes them to get out the rest of the season since it has officially been canceled. The hilarious part of this is that they aired two episodes last week, and both were exceptionally well done. The show is finally getting it together just as it is canceled. How wonderfully cruel. Rather than do two recaps of the episodes, they basically blend together so this will be one big recap. Ready? Ready! Did I fall asleep?

Senator Perrin, aka the delicious Alexis Denisof, is making an aggressive push against the Rossum company and the Dollhouse. He got his hands on footage that show Madeline, aka November the former doll, killing a man. This sets her off and she decides to expose the Dollhouse with his help. Obviously this means she's in some serious danger, which concerns Ballard since he saved her from the Dollhouse and still cares about the memory of Mellie. He spends both episodes trying to get to November, and she now hates and distrusts him because he represents the Dollhouse to her.

Echo mentions that there is something not quite right about Perrin's wife, and they decide she might actually be a doll. Topher creates a great device that remotely knocks out any doll nearby and causes them great pain. Ballard uses it when he goes after November, but he gets captured because the wife isn't a doll ... Perrin is! Ooooo. Perrin was being blackmailed by Echo for a sex tape, and he brought her home because he's smart and figured out he was a doll. They run from the house after the remote wipe scared them, and he realizes he's one too. Poor guy. It turns out he's not exactly one, he is who he says he is, but he used to be a drunken frat boy and they modified his brain to become their puppet. New levels of bad for the Dollhouse, whoooo hooo.

They fight off the wife but she gets them in the end using the wipe, and brings them to her Dollhouse in DC. It is there we meet the bizarre and awkward Bennett, aka Summer Glau, who is the Topher of the DC Dollhouse. She has a dead arm and a hatred for Caroline, so now that she has Echo in her hands, she plans to make her suffer. There are a few flashes that indicate Caroline left Bennett behind during something bad, and Bennett lost her arm because of it. Topher and Adelle go to DC to get Echo back, and Topher is really excited to meet Bennett since she's a genius. And a hot but weird genius at that. They are both dorkily into one another and it's adorably uncomfortable.

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Another hilarious point of the episode is that Topher programs Victor to be him back at the Dollhouse. Enver proves he is yet again the best actor on this show by playing Topher-in-Victor so perfectly. Seriously, get this guy his own show. Bennett has a plot of her own since she lets Echo and Perrin escape, planning to use Topher's remote wipe to take them both out. They all think this is a genius plan, but what she really does is set Perrin off so he tries to kill Echo! Topher's like 'aw, my perfect mate is a sociopath too' but he has to knock her out to save Echo. They don't stop Perrin in time because he kills his wife, but Echo runs and is free.

Perrin shows up and turns the tables on what everyone expected. He says that the Dollhouse does not exist and people were making a conspiracy against Rossum. Uh oh. Do I sense a future evil doll President on our hands? I think I do. This is bad news for November who gets sold out by Perrin, and then I'm sure she regrets turning down Ballard's offer for help. She ends up in Bennett's psychopathic hands. Echo is free and running around, having cut out her GPS signal with Perrin's help, and things are about to get real.

These were really strong episodes. The pacing was consistently tense with a bit of great humor thrown in, and with a nice twist since Perrin's a doll-but-not-a-doll. It was great to see Alexis Denisof and Eliza Dushku pairing up again, since they've always had decent chemistry from their "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" days. So November is back in the hands of the Dollhouse, and next week we get another double episode with the return of everyone's favorite crazy doll, Alpha!

Thanks for getting really good now that you're canceled, "Dollhouse." It's like pouring salt into our bitter, bitter wounds.

"Dollhouse" is on FOX Friday nights at whatever time they feel like showing it now that it is just counting down to being over. Next week is a double episode from 8-10.

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Story by Chelsea Doyle
Starpulse contributing writer

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