"Dollhouse" is only in its second episode in the new season, and already there are worrisome rumors about its inevitable cancellation. It was a shock to everyone that it was renewed at all, but the ratings have only dropped more significantly since the second season began. We fans are in a dire position again, so that means you people have to start watching it. Do it! Okay? Promise? Cool.

Things get a little intense in last week's episode of "Dollhouse" because Topher decides it is great to start twisting the Dolls around even more than usual. Echo has a new assignment and it's a step up from simple mind manipulation; thanks to Topher's 'genius,' she now is able to lactate as if she is a new mother. Why? Well the client of the week lost his wife in childbirth and can't connect with the child. He hired Echo to be the mother, and she's seriously into it. Like The Hand That Rocks The Cradle into it.

Ballard is getting comfortable in his position as Echo's new handler, but he kind of botches this new assignment. Echo is all happy and ladida about being a new mother, even if her fake husband barely seems to notice the two of them exist. She has a BFF in the form of Sierra, and yes, that's all Sierra does this episode. Remember when she and Victor were totally interesting and main characters in their own right? Those were good times. Echo gets a little paranoid and accuses her husband of cheating, which causes him to rightfully think this was a little over dramatic and demand that they take her out of the mission. Instead Echo overhears this and thinks he plans to kill her. Topher, if you can make her body think it's lactating, don't you think you have the ability to make her less insanely paranoid too?

Echo thinks the client is trying to kill her and keeps seeing the Dollhouse's black van outside, so she thinks it's a conspiracy. She runs with the baby to the police, quite smart actually, but the Dollhouse does catch her and drag her back. This is where she runs into Madeline/Mellie/November, who is coming back for a check up. She seems pretty smart and savvy, not quite the clueless sweetheart who won over Ballard last season. She gets creeped out when Echo comes in screaming and writhing around about her son, and Ballard uncomfortably chats with her. We get a little of her background - we already knew her daughter was dead - but she seems to not care anymore. Do they send the Dolls back to themselves with altered feelings and memories? Is there even more questionable weirdness going on with those that 'volunteer' or don't? Oooo.

Echo manages to escape even after Topher wipes her, and smacks him right in the face. Then she rushes off to confront her husband with a knife and act generally crazy. A lot of people are unhappy at this display of 'hysteria' and how it seems to relate to her physical changes of pregnancy, but that's just the idea Ballard comes up with. He's covering for the fact that Echo is remembering all of her personalities despite the mind wiping, and this is probably another case of her going looney tunes. It doesn't have anything to do with the body change; she remembers the baby because she remembers all her past lives.

The client manages to talk her down and everything ends peacefully. Ballard and Echo bond over her struggle with the memories, and she reassures him she doesn't want to forget everything. Meanwhile Victor and Boyd are no where to be seen and no one seems to mention that Claire/Whiskey has up and vanished. Next week Victor seems to be taking front row, which will be a great relief. Eliza Dushku is pretty solid at playing a tough, feisty character, but it gets old after awhile. Give the others a chance!

"Dollhouse" is on FOX Friday nights at 9 PM EST.

Dollhouse Cast: Eliza Dushku, Harry J. Lennix, Fran Kranz, Tahmoh Penikett, Enver Gjokaj, Dichen Lachman, Olivia Williams

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Story by Chelsea Doyle
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