Well wonderful, "Dollhouse" continues to give the best episodes in its short lived two seasons now that it is canceled. The world is an unfair place. Last week was the last double episode night featured, and from there there are only three episodes left. Depressed? I am getting there now that the show is clearly focused on an end point and everyone is acting to their best. The first of the two episodes centers on Victor, which is exciting since he's the best actor on the show and we've been teased with glimpses of his background.

Victor is actually Anthony, a PTSD-suffering soldier from Afghanistan, and he signed up for the Dollhouse to cure his terrifying memories of the war. His five years are almost up, and Adelle decides to have a little go with him before she cuts him off. However, his imprint Roger breaks up with her and says he's in love with someone else. Adelle thinks this is a trick from Topher and outs herself, so Topher is trying not to laugh at her, and now she's even more humiliated and annoyed. This leads Adelle to be a drunk snot for the rest of the episode, and the one after it as a matter of fact. She says it is time for Victor to be released.

He is given his original personality and all the money he could want. Echo suggests to Victor that he should say bye to Sierra, but neither of them understand what that really means. Anthony gets kidnapped almost immediately upon getting home from a soldier group. They want him to join their hive mine. Anthony is still reeling from everything and uncertain of where he's going, so he agrees. Topher realizes when he checks in on their darling Victor that something is wrong, so Echo gets programmed with new personalities and she brings Priya back into Sierra's body so they can go rescue him.

The rescue does go off and Priya and Tony meet for the first time, as in love as they ever were. It's just as beautiful and adorable as you can all imagine. Echo tries to let them go so they don't have to return to the Dollhouse, but they get taken in anyway. And Adelle is so mad about them going rogue that she sends all three immediately to the Attic. Noooooooooooo! She even plans on fixing Ballard and having him become the next Victor. Ahhhhh!

So the Attic is super creepy. Apparently everyone lives their nightmares over and over again, and these are some messed up nightmares. Echo keeps watching Sierra and Victor get killed in front of her. Sierra makes love to Victor only to have it be her rapist as a zombie. Victor fights himself constantly in a war setting. This Asian man eats his own legs. It's creepy. Echo meets up with Laurence Dominic, remember him? He was sent to the Attic last season. The two team up because he's been running through everyone else's minds to track this dark mysterious force. The demon-looking thing kills newcomers so they have to protect Victor and Sierra from him.

They do manage to capture the guy and it turns out he's Claude, one of Rossum's original founders. His co-founder betrayed him and he was the fist person in the Attic. He knows that Epitaph 1 is the future of this show and he's trying to get out so he can stop them. The Attic is actually a way to use all their brains as computers, and if he starts picking people off it weakens the power source. Echo figures out that the way to get out is to voluntarily kill herself in their heads, and quickly revive the others when they do the same. She's capable of waking herself up for some unknown reason, because she's a very unique snowflake and all that. Anthony is forced to kill Priya, which hurts him deeply, but all three manage to wake up.

The important part is that apparently Caroline has a secret that might be able to fight against Rossum. And that this was all a part of Adelle's plan. She's actually on their side and sent Echo into the Attic to try and get that valuable information. The gang is all together in the last scene since Ballard was fixed, although apparently Topher had to take something away in his brain to help him, and turn him into a Doll. Both things Ballard will not appreciate. Echo says they need to bring back Caroline to figure out the next step of this, and next episode we see Whiskey and Bennett again, so woohoo.

You're making me miss you already, "Dollhouse." Not cool.

"Dollhouse" is back in January on Friday nights at 9 PM EST.

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Dollhouse Cast: Eliza Dushku, Harry J. Lennix, Fran Kranz, Tahmoh Penikett, Enver Gjokaj, Dichen Lachman, Olivia Williams

Story by Chelsea Doyle
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