Rob Kardashian, the blackest of the sheep in the Kardashian flock, had some interesting words to share on social media yesterday, tweeting "Happy I got my Son with me for the 4th tomorrow !! Can’t wait to watch fireworks with my little man ! Hope everyone is safe !”

But Rob has no known children - so who this mystery 'son' was had everyone in a bit of a tizzy.

Does Rob have a secret lovechild? Well, if he does - it's just a lovechild, because it's not so secret. In April, Rob tweeted “no one will ever understand how much it hurts” after cryptically talking about his son. After another explosion of curiosity from the media, Rob deleted his Twitter history. 

Likewise, yesterday's comment about having a son has been deleted, and Rob has issued a clarification:

Could it be that Rob is keeping secrets from mom? It's entirely possible, as their relationship has been stretched pretty thin as of late.

Why do these cryptic 'son' tweets keep popping up on Rob's twitter? And why does Rob keep denying it? Is he playing a game with us? Or could this be Rob's dirty little (not so) secret? If he does have a kid, who's the mother? There are too many loose ends to tie up here - hopefully we'll have a little clarification on the matter down the road.