So we’re keeping the Dodger day going with part two of our cool "Identity Thief" (out June 4 from Universal Home Entertainment) coverage – the interview!  That’s right folks, got a chance to sit down and talk one-on-one with captivating actress Genesis Rodriguez amidst the roar of the baseball crowd for some much appreciated Q&A fun.  We dove right in chatting about everything from her successful game pitch to the origins of her name, all about working on "Identity Thief" and even some past work insight to boot.  (Go "Casa de mi Padre!")  Here’s our personal chat with the lovely...


Seeing as we are here at Dodger Stadium I have to ask are you a baseball fan and what was it like throwing out the first pitch for today’s game?

Genesis Rodriguez: It was horrible – the nerves!  It was so nerve wracking for me.  I like to watch it not be a part of it.  But I love to talk about sports, I love sports, it’s just something that’s in my nature.  But my pitch – I thought it was decent.  (Laughs)  It was decent at best.  People know that I’m not a player - I’m an actress. 

But it must have been cool throwing the pitch over homeplate to your dad...

GR: If I had seen a real guy there I would have freaked out.  But Dad was like, ‘Throw it right here!’  So it was fun because they just asked him to do it maybe five minutes before.  The first time during my warm up he dropped it and I was like, ‘You better not screw this up for me!’  (Laughs)  He was like, ‘No – that pitch hurt!’           

I’m rather curious about your name – where did the name Genesis come from?

GR: Gosh – Genesis is the beginning of my mom and dad’s relationship.  I came a year into the relationship so it was kind of a surprise and it was like this is the ‘genesis’ of a new family.  But they like the band Genesis...and they love the bible!  (Laughs) 

So you’re playing a rather badass gal with attitude in "Identity Thief" – what do you think Marisol’s story is?

GR: Marisol basically works for a very intimidating guy.  She’s very loyal and technically – which is not told in the story – he was my dad.  So I’m like a daddy’s girl in a sense and I’m repaying justice for what they did to my dad. the Jonathan Banks character was your dad?

GR: Exactly. 

How do you think Marisol got saddled with Julian and do you think there was ever any romantic past history between the two?

GR: We thought we were married because he’s very complacent with me like a husband.  ‘Yeah sure honey, whatever.’  And I tell him off every other second and I would blame him for things that he had no control over.  So we played it that way – like we were an old grumpy married couple.

I love the scenes between you guys and Robert Patrick – were they fun to shoot?

GR: He’s awesome!  Robert is one of the nicest individuals you could ever meet.  He’s such a good sport.  He’s so funny and nice to be around and then all of a sudden he just turns it on.  He makes you want to bring your best.  He was a blast to work with – I’m just so happy I got to work with this cast.

Past Work – "Casa de mi Padre."  I was most curious was it hard to keep a straight face while shooting with Will Ferrell?

GR: There was only one scene where I had a hard time looking at him.  I did soap operas my whole life before this movie, so I had to say ridiculous things.  ‘I’m blind and now I see’ - and be serious about it.  With Will he’s so intense and I think he might be more intense than me.  But there was one scene in particular where we were at a dining table far away from each other and in between us there are mannequins, people who are smoking, people who don’t even speak English and a lady with paralysis in her face.  All she did was eat the entire time, she didn’t have a word in the whole scene, and he was giving me the death stare.  And I had to look at him with love and I couldn’t!  (Laughs)  This man was giving me the death stare and I lost my marbles honestly - it was awesome.


I’m a big fan of Kim Ji-woon – what is his process as a director and what was he like to work with on "The Last Stand?"

GR: Kim Ji-woon was quite possibly one of the greatest directors I’ve worked with.  He’s so internal.  We spoke two different languages, but he would come to the set and tell me in Korean what he wanted and you new exactly what it was because he told me with his eyes.  That’s where reads everything and it’s all about what your eyes are giving him.  The circumstances are so high; you’re working with a green screen and he wants a specific thing.  He’s very particular and I’ve never worked with someone who’s so particular on everything.  Like I remember in one scene – it didn’t make it to the movie – how I held my coffee cup was important to him.  And he asked, ‘Why are you just holding the coffee cup?’  I said, ‘Do you want me to drink the coffee?’  And he was like, ‘You have a coffee in your hand, but it’s a part of your plan.’  And it just made sense – I was like you’re a genius.    

So what's next for you?

GR: "Hours" is coming out in the fall.  It’s a very beautiful special movie with Paul Walker, myself, our baby and a dog – it’s that small of a cast.  It’s such a sweet heartwarming movie and it turned out beautiful. 

That’s the day everyone!  Thanks to everyone for a most memorable Dodger experience and extra special shout out to the very cool Genesis Rodriguez.  Be sure to check her out in "Identity Thief" on DVD/Blu-ray June 4 from Universal Home Video – game over!