Jessica Simpson is in talks to appear in cult British sci-fi show Doctor Who, it has been reported. Bosses at the BBC are approaching A-list stars to cameo in the upcoming series in an attempt to add a touch of Hollywood glamor to the show and have contacted Jessica.

A source said: "It's a great idea. Having Jessica on the show will help sell it to the US."

Sexy Jessica Biel is also rumored to be on TV bosses' hit list. Biel - who starred in Blade Trinity and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake - was recently linked to Justin Timberlake after she joined him on a snow-boarding holiday.

Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies is desperate for Britney Spears to join the time-traveling adventurer. He said: "I'd love Britney to do it. It would be fun."

The sci-fi drama, a cult hit since the 60s, was re-launched in 2005 starring Gone In Sixty Seconds villain Christopher Eccelston and former singer Billie Piper.

The Doctor is currently played by Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire actor David Tennant.