Ever since Peter Capaldi was announced as the next Doctor, we've been excited for the new season of Doctor Who. Capaldi made us cry laughing as Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It and just plain made us cry as John Frobisher in Torchwood: Children of Earth. And he's just as brilliant as the Twelfth Doctor.

So how do you introduce a new Doctor? Oh, hey, there's a dinosaur. That's pretty cool. Except it's stomping around Victorian-era London. Thankfully, we have something for that - the TARDIS, which the dinosaur actually coughs up. Familiar faces Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax go down to see what the deal is. But Twelve doesn't want to be bothered, because his TARDIS is covered in dinosaur slobber and he only vaguely knows who these people are. He declares that he speaks dinosaur, then faceplants the bank of the Thames River, after which Clara has to explain that yes, this crazy guy is in fact The Doctor.

Once he's calmed down - and Vastra has a discussion with Clara about accepting The Doctor's new appearance - everyone turns their attention back to the dinosaur. Because you know, giant time-displaced scary animal, kind of a big deal. But as if that's not enough, there are also some creepy humanoid robots loitering on the streets, too.

The Doctor lets himself out of the house to talk to the dinosaur, but in front of his eyes, the poor thing spontaneously combusts. He asks if there have been any similar incidents, and is told that there have been. His attention is then taken by one of the creepy robots, and he jumps into the Thames to follow the robot, leaving Clara and everyone else to call it a night without him. Essentially, Twelve is like that strange relative who doesn't make a whole lot of sense and who's escaped from the retirement home.

The next morning, Vastra believes the spontaneous combustions are not so spontaneous, while Clara finds a lunch invitation in the paper addressed to "Impossible Girl." Believing it to be from the now-missing Doctor, she goes to a local restaurant, where she finds him but is surprised to hear that he thinks she placed the note. So who brought them both there? Why, a room full of robots. Before they can leave, they're taken underneath the restaurant to the robots' lair.

The Doctor then explains to Clara that they're probably in a buried spaceship slash organ collection station. When they find the first robot he set off of in pursuit earlier, he goes on to say that this is not your typical cyborg - rather it's the wrong way round, a robot trying to turn himself into a man by stealing body parts taken from the victims of the not actually spontaneous combustion incidents. But before they can act on this newfound information, the robots begin to awaken, and while The Doctor escapes, he leaves Clara trapped.

She tries to fool the robots into believing she is one of them by holding her breath, but eventually can't hold out any longer and is re-captured and brought before the original robot. Original Recipe Robot wants to know where The Doctor has gone to, but Clara is not having any of his idle threats. Not even when he whips out the blowtorch. "You burned a whole dinosaur for a spare part?" she questions, realizing they've been at this whole organ-stealing business for longer than it takes to get through the line at the DMV.

And then in true awesome fashion, The Doctor reveals that he never really left, and instead was disguised as a robot, listening to the entire dialogue. Also, he thinks Clara's a control freak.