An American DJ has been awarded nearly $1.2 million by a jury after his song was sampled by the Black Eyed Peas in "My Humps" without his permission.

Orrin Lynn Tolliver, Jr. recorded his track "I Need A Freak" at his former collaborator James McCants' studio in the 1980s.

McCants went on to register the song with Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI), promising Tolliver, Jr. 75 per cent of the royalties and crediting him as the songwriter.

Tolliver, Jr. filed a copyright infringement suit against McCants after his track was sampled by artists, including the Black Eyed Peas' in their 2005 hit "My Humps."

On Tuesday, a New York jury ended the long-running legal battle between the former friends after declaring McCants owes $816,877.28 in profits. He was also ordered to pay Tolliver, Jr. an additional $368,704.31 copyright infringement damages, according to the Hollywood Reporter.