In February of 2006, DJ Quik compiled a live 12-piece band, the horn section coming from the Rolling Stones' touring band, and did 3 sold out shows in Southern California at the world famous House of Blues.

Artists like B-Real (Cypress Hill), Nate Dogg and Chingy are a few names amongst the celebrity guest list that appeared on stage to perform alongside Quik and his band. For over 2 hours, the sold out crowds were entertained with classic material from all of DJ Quik's albums.

The shows were recorded and the result, "Greatest Hits Live At The House Blues," will go down in history as a new way to perform live rap shows. The album will be released on June 6.

Here's the Track Listing:

01. Intro for Roger
02. Mo @#$%!
03. Jus Lyke Compton
04. Trouble
05. Pitch In On A Party
06. Fandango (Feat. B-Real)
07. Tha Bombudd
08. Sweet Black @#$%!
09. Get Down (Feat. Chingy)
10. Down Down Down
11. Safe + Sound
12. Do I Love Her?
13. Quik's Groove
14. Get Up
15. 'Til Jesus Comes
16. Hand In Hand
17. A Medley For V (Feat. Nate Dogg)
18. We Still Party
19. Tonight
20. Born And Raised In Compton

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