Disney/Pixar’s collaborations are known to be heartwarming and cheerful, films that are cherished by the entire family. Only one film is released by the partnership each year, and what 2012 has in store is going to be quite a departure from their typical repertoire.

Set to release July 22, 2012, “Brave” is centered around a Scottish princess, Merida, who brings trouble to her kingdom and sets out on a journey accompanied by the kingdom's three lords to restore peace.


What sets this film apart from previous ones is the seemingly darker quality that is present. Unlike the lighter moods of “Up,” “Wall-E,” and “Finding Nemo,” “Brave” will be more intense, as the poster suggests. The colors are darker and muted, and a fog seems to hover over the ground, suggesting something foreboding and ominous. Our heroine stands with her back to us, wielding a bow and arrow with a shock of fiery red hair. The movie poster is full of mysteries and secrets, and it seems the producers want to keep it that way.

Another first is that this will be Pixar’s first fantasy fairy tale and their first movie with a female lead.

Kelly Macdonald  is the voice of Merida and will be accompanied by a cast including Emma Thompson, Billy Connolly, Julie Walters, Kevin McKidd, Craig Ferguson, and Robbie Coltrane.