ABC's Dirty Sexy Money returned for its first episode since the writers' strike halted production last winter. The show features a star-studded cast. Peter Krause, best known for his role as Nate Fisher on Six Feet Under, stars as Nick George. Nick is the family lawyer for the richest family in New York, the Darlings. Nick helps the patriarch, Tripp Darling, played by Donald Sutherland, keep his family out of trouble, but his underlying motive is to find out who killed his father, a former employee of the Darlings.

The episode surrounded a fancy birthday party for Nick, and the two days that lead up to it. Patrick Darling (Billy Baldwin) is in the midst of a Senate campaign, but his wife's alcoholism was becoming a problem. In a drunken rage, she ends up slipping, hitting her head, and dying. Jeremy Darling (Seth Gabel) continued his inappropriate advances on Nick's wife, Lisa (Zoe McClellan). This resulted in Nick seeing Jeremy kissing Lisa, putting the couple at odds. Eventually, Nick and Lisa would make up. However, the most surprising revelation of the episode was that Tripp's wife Lelita (Jill Clayburgh) was arrested for the murder of Nick's father. Police swarmed upon Nick's birthday party and took her in. The look on Nick's face clearly insinuated that he had something to do with it. What did he find out?

The first season of Dirty Sexy Money was a thrill ride chock full of juicy storylines and shocking revelations. This primetime soap definitely has potential to be on the air for years to come. On a side note, Samarie Armstrong will not be regularly appearing in her role as Juliet, Jeremy's twin brother. Her recent stints in rehab have kept her away from the set. It was announced last March that her character would not be returning in the fall, but ABC has not ruled out the possibility of appearances by her later in the season. She and her character will be missed, but there is certainly plenty of star power on this cast to carry the load. Dirty Sexy Money is back on ABC every Wednesday at 10/9c.

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Story by Kevin Olsta

Starpulse contributing writer