‘Money Talks and BS Walks’ is the old adage that instantly comes to mind while learning about this DirecTV/Viacom beef. Seemingly, however, DirecTV is not bs-ing because they recently pulled several popular channels from their satellite service on Tuesday night. BET, Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, and Spike are all gone and the plot continues to thicken, as the list of channels DirecTV threatens to shut down grows longer.

Apparently, while negotiating dollars and cents, the two powerhouses are at an impasse at the negotiating table and neither team is budging.

DirecTV claims it wants to continue transmitting channels while negotiations continue but the company is not willing to pay an extra $1 billion Viacom is demanding.

On the flip side, this statement was released on www.keepmynets.com:


"DirecTV sent us a proposal on the afternoon of Tuesday, October 18. They gave us no chance to respond before taking an unnecessarily aggressive posture and going public. It is disappointing that they have chosen bad faith tactics over meaningful negotiation.

DirecTV says Fox Networks wants a 40% increase. That’s just not true. We have proposed to keep Fox Networks on DirecTV for the same price, and on the same terms as they are currently carried while we attempt to work out a fair agreement. Unfortunately, DirecTV has decided unless they get their way, they are going to pull your favorite networks, shows and sports programming.

You promised DirecTV you’d honor their contract. In exchange, you should expect to get the programming you paid for. Call DirecTV, ask them what they are going to do about it."


Both sides are pointing fingers at the other, claiming fault and wrongdoing. This is what happens when big business, media and greed combine at the consumer’s misfortune.

At one point, many may have thought this battle would come to a head as pay-TV like DirecTV, Time Warner, Dish Network and others are a staple in most homes. But the advent and explosion of Internet TV services like Netflix and Hulu changes the media game and put pay-TV services in a different bargaining position.  But DirecTV is going ham and is rumored to cancel these additional channels by November 1st:



            FUEL TV


            National Geographic Channel

            FOX Soccer

            FOX Soccer Plus

            FOX Deportes

            Fox Movie Channel


I know first hand that a monthly cable bill is FAR from cheap. So how many of you DirecTV patrons plan to cancel services? And for those of you who are not, or you demanding any consolation deals? Let us know how your efforts at the negotiating table have gone.