Rango was released in theaters today, and so far the critical reception has been positive. However, it's not the first comedy based in a desert by a longshot - in fact, these barren stretches of Earth are actually fertile grounds for scenes that make us laugh. Here are some of the best comedic film moments in the desert.

"You ain't from around here, are you?" - Rango: The titular chameleon runs into a local named Beans, and helps himself to her father's ashes. Watch more Rango clips here

"Snakes and Sparklers" - Joe Dirt: A fireworks stand only sells snakes and sparklers. Joe givesthe owner a run-down of what he should be selling. I don't think I want to know what a "Whistling Bunghole" is. Watch more Joe Dirt clips here

"Boy, is he strict" - Blazing Saddles: The corrupt mayor may be hiring goons to kill his new sheriff, but that doesn't mean he's going to be lax with the rules. Watch more Blazing Saddles clips here

"Combing the Desert" - Spaceballs: The problem with following orders literally. Watch more Spaceball clips here

"Fart Harvesting" - Paul: Okay, so this movie isn't out yet... but it makes a good point. Why do people think aliens probe butts? Watch more Paul clips here

"Child Abandonment" - Raising Arizona: AHHHHH!.... AHHHHHHH! Watch more Raising Arizona clips here


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