Did You Know These Simple Life Hacks?

A lot of times, we find ourselves wishing there was an easy way to speed things, fix something, or remove a simple stain but we often fix these situations the hard way or more expensive way rather than using something we already have at our disposal. Other times, we rely on forms of medication to fix something simple, rather than trying to remedy a situation ourselves.

When you run out of something and find yourself in a bind, your first inclination may be to go out and get whatever it is you are missing. But, sometimes there are regular household items that can serve as a substitute and work just as well when you just don't have the time or energy to go out and get the missing item.

Here is a list of simple everyday products that can serve as substitutions for life's little problem, enjoy!

Stinky Feet:

Stinky FeetStinky Feetandriano

Do you have stinky feet but you don't like or have anything to suppress odors? Check in your kitchen cupboard and see if you have any Jello! Lime jello, more specifically. Mix the jello with warm water in a foot basin, and soak your feet once a week. The Lime Jello neutralizes the odor coming from your feet and may even make them smell a bit like limes. Don't do it too often, however, you don't want your feet to turn a pale shade of green.

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