Gwyneth Paltrow's strict diet and beliefs in the Kabbalah branch of Judaism may have contributed to her "conscious uncoupling" from husband Chris Martin after 10 years of marriage.

The couple announced their split Tuesday through a post on Gwyneth's website titled "Conscious Uncoupling," explaining that they're still very close but have mutually agreed to end their marriage.

Britain's The Sun newspaper reported that Martin had grown tired of Paltrow's strict eating rules for their children and wanted to do some normal things together, like "watch DVDs and TV" and "eat treats every now and then," one source told The Sun.

The source also revealed that Gwyneth's beliefs in Kabbalah was also a factor, as she had turned to the religion to deal with her personal problems, which began to alienate Chris.

"Chris felt he was starting to lose the woman he fell in love with," the source added.

So far there has been a lot of criticism aimed at the actress over her decision to refer to her failed marriage with a ridiculous term like "conscious uncoupling."