Diana Krall's new CD 'From This Moment On' (September 19th, Verve) not only proves her signature smoky voice and stellar arrangements are at their swingin' best, but it also documents very personal sentiments.

"This album coincides with a happier time in my life. I think it's very obvious in the music. It reflects how I'm feeling now, the joy that I have in my marriage and family, and hopefully in the future."

Krall says the tone of the record was drawn from some of her musical influences like Nat King Cole, Count Basie Orchestra, Ray Brown, Ella Fitzgerald, and Frank Sinatra. "I have to mention Fred Astaire's influence on 'I Was Doing All Right' - and in fact, all through the album. I listened to a lot of Fred with Oscar Peterson while preparing for this project, as well as watching a lot of his early movies, like Swing Time."

She says although "a lot of these tunes I've had in my back pocket for years", she began jotting them down last Summer as they now "finally have found their place."

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