"Dexter" ends its best season yet with what may well have been its Best. Episode. Ever.

This episode was thrilling from the start with investigation of Miguel Prado's slaying taking center stage and instantly putting Dexter in jeopardy from the slain ADA's brother Ramon. This led to a meeting between the two that revealed a bit of Dexter's humanity.

Ramon pulled a gun on Dexter in front of his wedding party before his rehearsal dinner. This led to Ramon's brief incarceration and when Dexter came to visit his former best friend's brother in jail, he revealed more of himself than we've ever seen outside of a slaying. Dexter showed a bit of vulnerability in this scene as he talked about his father and dark passengers and actually formed what seemed to be a real bond with Ramon - something he never really forged with the more intense Miguel.

Dexter also deepened his relationship Debra as she received the good news that she's become a detective. She also dug a little deeper into her father's past and is not just a shuffling of folders on her desk away from discovering that Harry Morgan carried on an affair with Dexter's biological mother.

Debra also found a bit of common ground with LaGuerta for the first time. It seems Maria admires Debra for being able to carry on any sort of personal life (we remember that the closest Maria's ever come to a life outside of work was seducing the former Lieutenant's husband in order to win her job back) and didn't seem to care that it was with a CI. Debra celebrated with Anton, and maybe she's finally found something right with the wrong type of man.

And then there was Rita. Pushed to the background this entire season, she finally got her big day as she and Dexter tied the knot at the end of the episode. But that was not the biggest revelation involving Rita.

It seems that the producers had a grand plan when they hid Rita from view this entire season - they were doing the same thing to the audience that Dexter was doing to himself. It wasn't until Dexter, finally captured by the Skinner to finish up a dangling plotline from two weeks ago, was faced with his own mortality that he realized maybe he wanted something more than blood. Maybe he wanted to start a new life, both with Rita and literally with his son.

This revelation came from a discussion Dexter had with his father as he laid at the hands of the Skinner. Harry Morgan has long been the most underrated part of this program and this tear-shedding moment was ACTOR'S best work on the show to date. It's interesting to see Dexter find himself in something outside of murder and this was one of the show's purest explorations of his psyche to date.

It will be extremely interesting to see where "Dexter" goes from here. Unlike past seasons, everything seems wonderful in this area of Miami especially as Dexter seems to have come to terms with his Dark Passenger. There's always the inevitable normalcy that will result from Dexter attempting to raise his son, but you'd have to think something more sinister is also lurking.

Dexter Cast: Michael C. Hall / Julie Benz / Jimmy Smits / Jennifer Carpenter / Erik King / Lauren Vélez / David Zayas / James Remar / C.S. Lee / more

Story by Andrew Payne

Starpulse contributing writer