I like this Hannah story, but I'm not certain where it's going. It keeps cropping up in each episode, so it's clear something's being developed, and we do discover something important about her, but still it's quite shielded by the writers at this point. My thought, which is probably way off-base, is that somehow she and Dexter are going to become partners in crime. Guess we'll find out soon enough.

Something else I liked about this episode is all the little pieces of evidence that have surfaced that tie, even circumstantially, Dexter to certain murders. Not only do we get the sense that a noose we can't quite see yet is slowly tightening around his neck, but also because it's drawing Debra in deeper and deeper.

Case in point, Debra and Maria are out talking to the families of some of the Butcher's victims when they discover a box of wedding photos that might have something to do with one of the murders. As Debra is looking through some of them she sees Dexter in one of the shots of the larger wedding crowd. Of course Debra knows she has to get that picture before Maria does.

In the setup for the episode's really big and important scene, Dexter lets Isaac follow him into a very dangerous bar in a very dangerous part of town. Dexter, like the rest of us, believes he's taken Isaac to his death. It's never that easy with a trained hit man, now is it?

When the cops get the call that there's been a multiple homicide at that bar, Dexter is quite surprised to discover plenty of dead bodies, although none is Isaac, who we learn was wounded in the shootout. This means blood spatter belonging to him, which means if they can get a DNA match they can arrest Isaac. Sometimes things work out for the best, right?

Quinn shows up at the strip club while Isaac is having a nasty gash on his arm stitched. Novikov tells Isaac that Quinn is a dirty cop; that they used to leave bags of cash in his car, etc. Once a dirty cop, always a dirty cop, right? Quinn finds a bag of cash in his car as he's leaving the club, which conveniently finds its way into his glove box.

Isaac's DNA match turns into his arrest, which is a huge coup for the police department. He's behind bars and his wounds and presence in the bar are going to be very hard to explain away. Dexter and Isaac chat with each other between prison glass, and Dexter tells him he killed Viktor out of revenge. Isaac swears this isn't over and his patience might actually surprise Dexter.

Not an episode filled with a ton of action, but a very satisfying one, nonetheless. Many stories were advanced, a great deal of on-going tension was created, and Debra is reaching a tipping point with her internal struggles.


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