It seems Dexter and his new friend may have a whole lot more in common than the show's main character, or his viewers, ever thought.

On Sunday's installment, Miguel finally joined Dexter in his favorite hobby: killing. The target was a compulsive gambler who pays his debts by beating to death those who can't pay theirs. Miguel turned Dexter onto the victim, but nobody could have expected how thrilled the ADA would be by the act.

It turns out that Miguel has a dark passenger of his own, one born out of beatings from his father. It is this revelation that convinces Dexter to allow Miguel to join him on the kill, after a series of small missteps and visits from his late father cause Dexter to give a second thought to how Miguel fits into his code.

Turns out that Miguel fits in better than Dexter could have thought possible. Miguel took a delight in thrusting a heart into his victim that could only be described as ecstasy. If Dexter only comes to life when he commits homicide then Prado reaches a whole new level of existence when he kills somebody.

Now that we know of Miguel's bloodlust, the only question remaining is whether or not he will or how much he will freelance as a serial killer in his own right. Harry warns Dexter of this in an apparition and in a brief scene at the end of the episode, we see Prado paying a visit to his least favorite defense attorney.

Elsewhere around the homicide department, Deborah has gotten in deep with another man who's totally wrong for her. This time it's everybody's favorite pot dealing and singing CI, Antoine. Turns out, however, he isn't even the third of these three things as Quinn had been paying him in cash and apparently planned to string him along ad infinitum to use him as he sees fit.

Deborah finds out and blows Quinn's cover, deepening the rift between the partners. This also spells trouble for Antoine as he appears to be the next victim of the tree trimmer stalker after the pair of detectives finger the wrong man for the crime.

Rita continues to be pushed deeper into the background, often being used as a plot device. Kind of a shame, but this provided for some good comedy as Dexter went ring shopping with Deborah, once again illustrating his inability to relate to anything real. But there's also an area that Rita seems to touch in him. Why else would this man of stone continue to stand by his woman? Simply to keep up appearances? It seems more than that now.

Dexter has forged two real relationships at this point. His connection with Rita pulls toward the light, while Prado only nurtures his dark passenger. With the wedding coming and Prado's own dark passenger taking shape, it will be interesting to see toward which relationship Dexter gravitates, and which causes the most damage.

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Story by Andrew Payne

Starpulse contributing writer