There's anti-climaxes, there's the beginning of "Lost in Space" episodes, and then there's last night's episode of "Dexter", which took the artform to new heights. Or maybe lows.

Just when we thought Dexter had found himself in his toughest predicament yet, presumably locked in the trunk of the skinner, we find out that he'd simply been kidnapped by. . .The Organizers of his Bachelor Party! How hilarious. He even punched Masuka in the face by mistake! Oh, this show is just so darn silly!

Of course, Dexter's complete lack of interest at the booze-soaked stripper fest, gave us another opportunity to explore his twisted psyche, but we've been there before.

The episode didn't really begin until Miguel's back-handed toast, saying that instead of donuts, Dexter should just stab everyone in the ventricle - it's a much quicker way of destroying their heart. Nobody else at the party knew the real meaning behind this slight, but Dexter saw it as an affront, and finally decided the time to kill Miguel had come.

His plan involved sneaking out on his wedding night (once again, Rita was a non-presence in this episode) and copying the skinner's M.O. Miguel, however, rushed Dexter into a new plan when it became apparent that the lawyer's next victim would be LaGuerta.

Acting on a hunch, Maria gathered evidence from the back of Miguel's truck, discovering hair from the dead defense attorney in his trunk. Dexter ran the tests for her, and planned to keep the findings to himself, but LaGuerta found out and seemed hell-bent to bring him in on charges.

This, and Miguel's desire to rid himself of the LaGuerta problem, found Dexter ambushing his former best friend and Maria's house, and ultimately strangling him to death. The climax of this murder came when Miguel said that he and Dexter were like brothers and the killer replied, "I killed my brother."

The same couldn't be said for his sister with whom Dexter finally shared the knowledge of his father's infidelity. Like most things Dexter does, his decision to hold onto the information for awhile upset Debra at first, but she quickly forgave him when Dexter realized in front of her that she should be his best man.

This came from a discussion involving Debra's following in her father's not-so-great footsteps as she's been sleeping with a CI as well. Debra has definitely been the most interesting supporting character this season, and her and Quinn's chase with the skinner later in the episode was the season's best action moment. Also, Debra seems to be the only person left with a real relationship with the main character, as his attention to Miguel has seen him further distanced from the rest of the cast.

It's strange that at points Dexter seems almost human. You wonder if his relationship with Debra is an act or if there's actually something there. This used to be what we saw with Rita before she became a background character, and now Debra appears to be carrying the fire of Dexter's humanity.

Still, Dexter never really came to life in this episode until he wrapped a cord around Miguel's neck, finishing his former friend. It will be interesting to see how thick Dexter's armor becomes in the ensuing episode and into next season.

Dexter Cast: Michael C. Hall / Julie Benz / Jimmy Smits / Jennifer Carpenter / Erik King / Lauren Vélez / David Zayas / James Remar / C.S. Lee / more

Story by Andrew Payne

Starpulse contributing writer