In a sort of cathartic episode for its main character, last night's installment of "Dexter" saw the titular serial killer let go of a bit of the past while reaffirming his twisted take on morality.

The past he let go of was personified in the death of Camilla, the lady from the police records office who knew more about Dexter's past than anybody, including his sister or fiancé. She'd been at end of the line, dying of cancer over the last episode, until she got the bad news that her condition had slowed to the point that she'd be forced to suffer for another month.

While Camilla didn't know Dexter was a serial killer, she knew his brother was, and maybe it was wishful thinking that led her to make the request that Dexter kill her when she learned the news of her prolonged cancer. Dexter fulfilled the wish, loading a Key Lime Pie with various poisons, and broke his code for the first time. Oddly, a being who lives to kill felt a bit of remorse in the deed. Hard to tell if it's because he broke his code or that he was unable to fulfill his ritual.

Dexter may have broken his code in that instance but stood firmly by it in another. Prado's bloodlust spilled over to an innocent defense attorney, Ellen Wolf. He tries to persuade Dexter to get rid of her, but to no avail as the killer cannot find sufficient evidence to support killing her. This leads to a temporary rift between the friends, but Miguel ultimately relents and Dexter asks the ADA to be his best man.

Yes, the wedding. It's still on. Rita has been pushed a bit to the background this season, but the wedding is always lurking. This week it was used as a framing device to explore the concept of friendship for Dexter as he made his guest list for the wedding and found out Prado was his only friend. The rest were either family, Debra, or co-workers, Masuka, Angel and LaGuerta. This led to some sparkling comedy as Dexter tried to reach for invitees, often writing down the names of people whose names he didn't know with a final guest list including "The Donut Guy" because Dexter, "Sees him every day". Also, there was a brief duel between Angel and Masuka over who would be the best man. Guess they'll both be disappointed to learn they lost to Prado.

Then there's the skinner. That pesky serial killer who's still at large and has yet to get the attention of Dexter. Kind of strange, really, but hopefully that will come around. Instead, Debra's the one on this case and in a hilarious bout of "A Beautiful Mind" obsession, the rest of the department found her scrawled across the floor with hundreds of crime scene photos until she determined that the skinner has been watching his victims from the trees.

Jennifer Carpenter continues to nail this role every week and it's a real pleasure to see an actress kicking butt in a rare well-written female role.

Altogether, "Easy as Pie" was a fine episode for the entire cast and showed the series can produce great television even when its lead isn't the main focus of the entire episode. This was especially evident in the work of Margo Martindale whose dying Camilla should certainly shortlist her for a best guest actress Emmy nomination.

Too bad we won't get to enjoy her work any longer.

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Story by Andrew Payne

Starpulse contributing writer