In an episode titled "Surprise Motherf*cker," there were, well, some surprises!

Looks like Hannah poisoned Debra after all. Based on last episodes evidence, I wasn't so sure. If you remember how last week ended, then it might be a bit of a surprise to find out Dexter is visiting Hannah in jail. I always thought sending Hannah to jail was the wrong thing to do. She knows way too much about Dexter to not use that to get herself out of jail.

Debra—perhaps this is why she's the Police Lieutenant—asks Dexter about his exact possibility. He says Hannah won't do that to him for the most obvious reason in the world: she's in love with him. That's how love works, right? To the bitter end we hold out hope for togetherness. I suspect he's right.

In another cracking good surprise, Captain LaGuerta arrests Dexter for the murder of Hector Estrada. I always thought, if this were to happen, that it was a risky gamble for LaGuerta. Any evidence would be sketchy at best but the downside was massive, as in say goodbye-to-your-career massive.

It all turned against LaGuerta in a New York minute, and now she looks like she framed Dexter. To some degree she did, springing Estrada from jail like she did, but Dexter really set her up for a bad fall by planting some very old Estrada evidence and one of her partial fingerprints. It was a very bad day for LaGuerta and now she's a ticking time bomb.

Hannah gets remanded to jail after pleading not guilty for the murder of Sal Price, but not before setting up a little courtroom drug transfer with her friend, Arlene (Nicole LaLiberte). On the way back to jail, Hannah has a violent reaction to whatever it is she took. The jail transport is diverted to a nearby hospital where she—surprise, surprise—escapes!

Dexter, with some serious heat under his ass, uses a clever tactic to track down Estrada (Nestor Serrano) in a local park. Unsuspectingly lured to Dexter's vehicle, Estrada winds up with Dexter's patented needle to the neck. Now loaded into the back of his SUV, Dexter takes Estrada back to the same shipping container as last week's episode, where he makes him call LaGuerta to tell her where he is.

LaGuerta—surprise—is shocked to hear his voice and learn he's still alive. She's on her way to the shipyards.

At the same time, Debra, while at Batista's New Year's Eve party, calls police dispatch to find out where LaGuerta is because neither she nor Dexter are at the party.

In what I thought was a great little scene, just a handful of seconds really, a darkly-clothed Hannah leaves a very recognizable plant at Dexter's doorstep and quickly disappears into the night.

The final scene of the season was exceptional, and unfolded in a way I would have never dreamt. LaGuerta shows up at the shipping container a few minutes after Dexter stabbed Estrada with a very convenient weapon: a round knife that could be made to look like a bullet wound.

The moment LaGuerta enters the container, Dexter gets the needle in her neck and she drops like a sack of flour. I really like the plan he put together, because at least to my untrained way of thinking it feels like it will work. He's going to use LaGuerta's gun to shoot Estrada through the round stab wound making it look like she shot him, and then Estrada's gun to shoot and kill her.

If this setup wasn't tense enough (trust me, you'll be on the edge of your couch), Debra shows up right in time to hear a gunshot from inside the container. She rushes in with her gun drawn, much like we saw in the episode that opened the current season: trained on Dexter. If we thought she might shoot way back then, I was doubly certain it was going to happen this time.

A waking LaGuerta really added to the tension, particularly when she started telling Debra to shoot Dexter. Surprise! The only person who loves Dexter more than Hannah is Debra. Police Captain Maria LaGuerta never had a fighting chance from the very moment she met the Morgan siblings.

A perfect episode to end a great season. Stephanie Caldwell, writer for