Season six ended with Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) walking into the church just as Dexter (Michael C. Hall) kills Travis Marshall (Colin Hanks) with a sword to the heart. Season seven gets around to this cliffhanger, but not before we see Dexter speeding to the Miami International Airport and drawing some inaccurate conclusions.

On the way to the airport, Dexter has to stop for gas and for some reason all his credit cards are declined at the pump. He gets into a bag in the back of his truck and pulls out a wad of cash, but not before we see several passports and a lot of cash in several different national denominations. It's hard not drawing further inaccurate conclusions about all this.

Flash forward to the church and Debra walking in just in time to see Dexter plunging a sword into Travis' heart. It is the worst moment of both their lives, and Dexter has to scramble quickly, mentally, to convince her that he must have suffered a moment of temporary insanity. She's very skeptical.

Debra wants to call the cops but Dexter convinces her not to, and together they decide to craft a cover story that involves Travis' suicide and torching the church. Debra decides she'll be the one to go a gas station to get a few gallons of gas to set the place ablaze.

A reluctant Lt. Debra Morgan faces the media at the church and delivers the news of suicide as a result of the world not ending according the Travis Marshall's fanatical plans and predictions. While this is going on, Detective Miller (Dana L. Wilson) finds one of Dexter's blood slides that had fallen into a drain grate inside the church. She has Masuka (C.S. Lee) bag it as evidence.

On the way home from the scene at the church, Detective Anderson (Billy Brown) calls Debra to ask why Travis' car wasn't at the church. Debra makes up an excuse on the fly and Anderson says he'll check it out first thing in the morning. Except first thing in the morning doesn't appear to be the plans for him.

He pulls up behind a car with a flat tire and asks the man who is trying to change the tire if he can help. The man assures him he's good to go, but Anderson opens the trunk to get the jack and tire iron and discovers the body of a dead woman. He looks up just to see the man shoot him in the chest. The man takes Anderson's car but not before wiping down his own car to rid it of fingerprints.

Debra, back at the police station, checks out the records from the Ice Truck Killer case and discovers far too many shocking similarities between it and the scene at the church, including the use of many knives as well as the plastic wrap Dexter used to secure the body to the altar.

Still very skeptical, Debra confronts Dexter on the similarities between the two situations, and he deflects answering her by simply telling her that it's all just so crazy. She leaves his office not feeling one little bit better about her brother than when she walked in to confront him.

The next morning Debra is at Dexter's house, asking him several legitimate questions about the night before, including why he was dressed in a rubber apron and gloves if he was having a moment of temporary insanity.

Just about then her cell phone rings and she's told Mike Anderson has been shot. She wants Dexter to leave with her that instant, but he tells her he has to grab a few things. She doesn't like this answer at all, but he reassures her he's just a couple of minutes behind her.

Dexter goes into a bedroom and kicks a hole into the wall behind the door. He grabs a bag inside the wall. We recognize it as his getaway bag from the opening scene of the episode. Through voiceover we know he's grabbing the bag in case he has to escape Debra's prying.

He arrives at the scene of Anderson's shooting and provides some forensic opinions about the woman in the trunk, who we learn is a Ukrainian stripper named Kaja. She is in the trunk of her own car.

Dexter is also able to extract a single fingerprint from the inside of the car from the one place, he informs us in voiceover, everyone forgets: the turn signal. He gets no fingerprint match from the local databases, but scores big time with Interpol.

Dexter heads to the apartment of the shooter, Viktor Baskov, a Ukrainian hit man. He's not home but his computer says he's on a first-class flight to Kiev by way of Miami International Airport.

The episode picks up at the opening scene as Dexter is now frantically on his way to the airport. He buys a ticket with cash and makes his way through security. His bag has several needles in it and he tells the TSA agent he's a diabetic. He's waived through.

He quickly locates Viktor and follows him into the bathroom with a wheelchair. He jams a needle into Viktor and he's immediately incapacitated. Dexter wheels him into an unclaimed baggage area in the airport and eventually kills him in grizzly fashion. He later dumps his body into the ocean by way of a boat.

Meanwhile, Quinn (Desmond Harrington) and Batista (David Zayas) checkout the strip club that employed Kaja. Quinn recognizes the owner, George, as someone previously investigated as a possible drug runner or money launderer.

They quickly discover it's filled with Ukrainian women who aren't too eager to start talking about Kaja's murder. After all, they have been brought there by Ukrainian mobsters and know the score.

Frustrated with no leads and no prospects of any, Debra tells Quinn and Batista to shut down all of George's clubs, every night, until those girls start.

Debra can't stop thinking about the Ice Truck Killer case and keeps reflecting on the similarities between it and the scene at the church. She calls Dexter looking for him but instead gets his nanny, Jamie (Aimee Garcia). She tells Debra he's been working late hours, including last night when he was at the office until three or four in the morning.

As Dexter returns home from dumping Viktor's body into the ocean, he finds it torn apart and Debra sitting in a chair across the room. Set in front of her is his collection of knives as well as all the blood slides he's saved from every person he's murdered.

 "Did you kill all these people?" she asks.

 "I did," he replies.

 "Are you…are you a serial killer?"

 "Yes." He closes his eyes and the screen fades to black.

That's one hell of a good episode to launch season seven. Where it goes from here is anyone's guess, but the cat's out of the bag and there's no turning the clock back on this one.


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