Hannah's dad turns out to be a real bastard. All this time, since Hannah was caught with Wayne Randall, he's been selling information about her. He thinks he's going to blackmail Dexter with info about a murder Hannah committed, a murder about which law-enforcement is unaware.

You know how, sometimes, you just make a really bad choice primarily because you just didn't have enough information to be making any sort of choice in the first place? This is how I felt about Clint McKay as soon as he decided to go up against Dexter. A monumental blunder; one he couldn't have dreamed in a million years.

I thought the writers had wrapped the whole Isaak/Viktor/Jurg/George/Nadia/Quinn storyline, but they had other plans for us. Honestly, it felt tacked-on to the story because what happened came from left field, was settled in a hurry, and had the smell of a scene that was buttoned one too many times. They could have left it out and we wouldn't lose a wink of sleep over it. Anyway, so long George and Nadia. It was fun while it lasted.

With just two episodes left in what can only be described as a blockbuster season, the story has focused on Dexter. Maria and Tom are much closer to the truth about Dexter than either realizes, and Hannah's dad left a parting gift on Debra's voicemail at work; one that could prove quite problematic.

All told, a pretty decent episode that tied up several loose ends, refocused everything back on Dexter, and turned up the heat beneath a kettle already hissing, belching, and gurgling!


Stephanie Caldwell, writer for CableTV.com. Writer by day, couch potato by night.

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