Isaak is set free and manages to find Dexter eating at a patio table in a seaside diner. They have a chilling conversation about the murder of Viktor, which upsets Isaak a great deal. In this one scene we totally understand how scary and convincing Dexter can be when he wants to; chilling, truly.

Scary Dexter continues right into the next scene, inside his apartment while talking with Sal. He explains to Sal he's going to frame him for the murder of the subject of his first true-crime novel. About the time it starts to get heated, Sal grabs his chest. I knew he was going to keel over dead from a heart attack. Somehow Hannah poisoned him during their interview or so it would seem.

Of course Debra has Hannah hauled in for questioning. Hannah gives her the middle finger, confident she hasn’t left a trail of evidence in her wake.

She and Dexter discover they are in fact two peas in a pod, in a great scene that has them discovering they were each protecting the other without being prompted to do so. It's a great scene exposing the psychology of sociopaths and how, nearly exclusively, they never look out for another living soul.

In what can only be considered one of the great ending scenes of any "Dexter" episode, Debra calls Dexter—as he lies next to Hannah in her bed; he has to do what he does to set things right. Debra has transitioned from casual observer to Dexter's crimes to a conspirator and perhaps accomplice.

This was a really great episode as several storylines made significant forward progress. Midway through season seven, "Dexter" is possibly having its best run ever!


Stephanie Caldwell is a writer for Can Hannah be Trusted?

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