Not missing a single beat, the latest episode of "Dexter" opens with Dexter and Hannah catching their breath after knocking boots on the would-be concrete altar he'd setup to kill her. I like the linear consistency of continuation episodes.

I have mentioned earlier I wasn't sure where this storyline was headed, but somehow knew Hannah was bad news. Well, it now appears the two of them together, Hannah and Dexter, might be a formidable crime duo.

Debra, simultaneously, is on a date with true-crime author Sal Price (Santiago Cabrera). Their conversation, of course, is about Hannah, Wayne Randall, botched blood work, a cover-up, and how it's most likely going to come back to haunt Dexter.

I like this storyline because it's causing Debra to protect Dexter more and more, contrary to her nature. It's creating a great deal of tension between brother and sister, but Debra is having less and less problems with it, or so it would seem.

I also like the Sal Price character. As a true-crime writer, he's a brilliant investigative journalist and his literary success and reputation has created an assertive, skeptical, no-bullshit person who doesn't have to cut corners and doesn't have to compromise with blood-spatter experts who fudge data to protect sexy killers.

In the other main storyline, the department discovers Isaak's blood evidence has been stolen, and of course immediately believes there's a mole inside the department. The bar where the murders took place has also been "sanitized" of all blood evidence, meaning if all the evidence is gone, Isaak is going to walk.

Dirty cops and gangsters always make for great drama, and the conflict instantly created between a skeptical Batista and a guilty Quinn is palpable. It's really great to see this particular story coming to a head. It's finally realizing its full potential.

Tenacious Sal pins Hannah into the proverbial corner, telling her she can talk with him so he's got facts, or he can speculate wildly in what's certain to be the next bestseller. All it took was invoking Dexter's name and she jumped at the chance to cooperate. Sal arranges a second meeting with Dexter a few hours after his scheduled appointment with Hannah.

While the series has never been short on sex and nudity, the sexual tension between Hannah and Dexter is thick enough to cut with a knife. It's pretty much two killers deciding if they're going to kill each other before they get all hot and steamy again. It's building to a head of steam that's surely going to blow soon enough. For sure it's going to be spectacular!

We get a very shocking twist after Debra gets permission to exhume the body of Hannah's dead husband who died of a heart attack at the ripe young age of 40. She wants to test for Aconite, a poison with which Hannah is familiar and causes, you guessed it, heart attacks. I won't spoil the twist, but it's a good one and a significant break for Hannah.

Dexter breaks into Sal's house, yet again, this time with the intentions of gathering enough DNA to plant at a crime scene. Meanwhile, Hannah is busy telling Sal the story of her time with Wayne Randall and the murders of the couple at the hotel. She confesses to killing the woman, telling Sal she stabbed the woman until the screaming stopped.