Dexter Morgan talks to himself a lot in this episode, and has a lot of visions of his deceased dad, and if you've been a fan to these past six-plus seasons then you know this is saying something.

He's back to stalking Hannah, which is perfectly understandable. She's pretty, alluring, and a murderer, and that's a very attractive package for Dexter. Emotionally, he's torn, like watching your worst enemy drive off a cliff in your new BWM. Still, I like his integrity. First and foremost he's putting the pieces together to prove she's a psychotic killer so he can take her out with a "clear" conscience.

They have much to do with each other in this episode, and the on-screen sexual tension between the two is palpable. There's a good chance she's sizing him up as he's doing the same to her. One thing is certain; she's cold and calculating despite her façade.

The other primary story, Isaak and the strip club, gains a head of steam this week. We see Isaak out in the prison yard, dressed in a state-issued orange jumpsuit. He's quickly approached by a Puerto Rican prisoner who isn't too happy Isaak greased three of his homeys. Unfortunately for him, he's underestimated the Ukrainian and winds up with a badly broken wrist.

Isaak phones George at the club, telling him to get out to the prison pronto. In the meantime, Quinn shows Nadia the cash George left in his car. She tells him he has to give it back, explaining quite unnecessarily so that these are some pretty bad guys who will do very bad things to him, etc.

I don't know about you, but I don't know how these dirty cops can live their lives, beholden to people who will take them out in a New York minute. Anyway, Quinn gives the money back to George, but we just know this isn't the end of the conversation between these two. After all, they've got an established history of organized criminal/bad cop.

A tangent to the Hannah story appears by way of Sal Price (Santiago Cabrerra), a real-crime writer who's written a book about Hannah's old partner/abductor, Randall. He's with Debra at the police station, doing some research on a new book. Of course Dexter is intrigued. He's read his book and is obviously fascinated with Randall and Hannah, oh, and serial killing. Let's not forget serial killing.

Dexter hits him up and discovers he's working on a book about Hannah, which kind of puts Dexter on alert. He falsified the blood results of one of the killings that clearly implicated Hannah. Oh, the things we do for love, lust or whatever! Dexter knows this probably won't turn out very well for him, but isn't overly concerned because the case was already closed and Hannah has immunity. Debra will understand why he fudged the report, but she won't be too happy about it. Is she ever happy about anything?

George goes to see Isaak, who instructs him to get him out of prison immediately; whatever it takes. He also inquires about Detective Quinn, and is very disappointed to hear he returned the money. What bad guy wouldn't be, right? I mean you give a dirty cop a bag full of Benjamins, you expect he's going to hold up his end of the deal. Isaak tells George to get the hook back into Quinn's mouth and reel him back in.

Dexter, still talking to himself and his deceased dad, is busy trying to keep his relationship alive with Hannah, trying to get her to confess to a few murders. Seems that a lot of people around her drop dead from heart attacks, and it's not just because she's drop-dead gorgeous. A killer knows another killer, ya know? As part of his method of getting the dirt on Hannah, Dexter breaks into Sal's apartment and steals some "Hannah" files from his computer. He discovers a key piece of evidence, mainly a natural poison called Aconite, which comes from a certain plant that Hannah grows by the dozens. Care to guess how it causes death?

Meanwhile, Debra and Captain Maria LaGuerta are busy going over the possibility that the Bay Harbor Butcher may have also taken out the other suspects of his murders. Debra knows Dexter took out at least two of them and is afraid this is all going to lead directly to him.

I don't care for this particular storyline as it has always felt forced and manufactured. It's gone on for too long to just abandon, but if it doesn't have a big payoff for fans when it's finally resolved, it could go down as a big black eye for the series.

George pulls the old switcheroo on Quinn's dinner plans with Nadia and is sitting at his table when he shows up. A lot of macho testosterone happens between the two of them, with George telling Quinn he's got to get rid of the blood evidence that links Isaak to the Puerto Ricans. Meanwhile, Quinn is busy telling George that nothing better happen to Nadia, etc., or he will blow a big hole or two through his head.

Something tells me Nadia has already met her demise, but nothing in the episode points to this other than Quinn's inability to reach her by phone. Not the first time she hasn't answered, it's just a gut feeling they've somehow disposed of her or otherwise gotten rid of her.

The final scene has Dexter and Hannah breaking into an amusement park. He's setup something very special for her—something she told him about her past. She's very impressed and once again animal magnetism is in the air. Unfortunately, Dexter has other plans and plunges the ol' needle into her neck and out go the lights.

Hannah wakes up naked and strapped to table. Dexter is readying his trusty knives. It's a great scene filled with sexual tension and even some romance: Two killers, one at the mercy of the other. As he raised his knife to run her through, I was hoping he'd change his mind. I felt like the story hadn't run its course.

Fortunately, the writers felt the same way and Dexter winds up pulling something else out of his scabbard, if ya know what I mean. All that sexual tension built-up throughout the episode had a huge payoff for fans, and season seven just took a very peculiar turn.

Honestly, I can't wait until next week. Great episode!


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