Jurg begins to choke when he starts to eat them, and at first my mind wandered to thoughts that she poisoned him. That was illogical, however, because they were in a strange place. She's simply over-peppered them. She reaches for a pitcher of water and smashes him over the head with a violent blow. He manages to stab her in the belly before she finishes him off.

Debra arrives; having located her whereabouts after Dexter gives her a tip about a possible location, and calls for backup and an ambulance.

Back atop the ship, Dexter stays behind to hose down the blood from Caffrey's multiple leaks as Isaak heads down below. I figured one of two things was coming. One, Isaak would go after Dexter, or George (Jason Gedrick) would be waiting for Isaak down below. I felt pretty smart when I saw George standing there, gun pointed at Isaak.

With little fanfare, the way of skilled killers, George shoots him in the belly and leaves. It's definitely one of those kill-shots that you know is going to take a long time to become fatal, or at least until the end of the episode.

Knowing he's a dead man, Isaak has one final request, and I thought it was an excellent bit of writing. He wants Dexter to bury him at sea; in the same spot he dumped Viktor's body. If ever there was an excellent episode bookend, this one was it. Even though it took a few minutes for the finality of the scene to manifest itself, it didn't matter one bit that I knew it was coming. It was a fitting end and a really great way to send actor Ray Stevenson to his next gig.

In the hospital, Hannah tells Debra everything she knows, and is understandably baffled why she saved her life rather than just letting her die with Jurg. Convincingly, Debra tells her she was just doing her job as Dexter steps into the recovery room.

In a wrap to the episode, we know Hannah is either here to stay or is about to be snatched away. Dexter tells her he was the most scared he's ever been since his mother died, and when he's with her he feels safe. I'm betting the writers will creatively remove Hannah from the series, sending Dexter into a serious tailspin as season seven nears its end.

Not a great episode, but not terrible either. There were some shaky scenes, and a couple of weird interjections of random crime scenes, but every scene that included Isaak was top shelf.

Stephanie Caldwell is a Utahn writer for CableTV.com, @CWSteph on Twitter if you likey.

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