Well, I've been saying all season that the prime villain in Dexter this year is Vogel.   In episode 8.9, it turns out that I wasn't too far off.

The brain surgeon turns out not another of Vogel's patients, not Vogel herself, but her son.   And though at this point there's no evidence that she's been working with him all along, she's certainly working with him now, in an alliance that promises nothing but trouble for Dexter.

And that's not all.   Kenny Johnson from The Shield is on hand as a US Marshall Cooper hunting Hannah.  In a great scene, the marshall asks Harrison to identify the three figures in his little boy drawing.  Harrison says Daddy, me, and ... the blonde woman is Mommy.   Either Harrison is even more clever than we think, or he has Mommy on his mind because Dexter earlier asked him if he missed Hannah and Harrison said he wanted her to be his Mommy.  So Dex and Hannah caught a break because Harrison had indeed put Hannah in the picture, but identified her to the marshall as Mommy not Hannah.

But judging from the coming attractions - and in fact I thought so during this episode - Marshall Cooper won't be dissuaded that easily.  So, with just three episodes to the whole series left, here's what Dexter has arrayed against him.   A psycho and her shrink mother who knows just about everything there is to know about Dexter.   The only advantage that Dexter has over Vogel is her constant under-estimation of his emotional depth.  But Dexter also has to fend off Marshall Cooper.  And whom can he count on for help with that?   Incredibly but increasingly plausibly, Deb - who's beginning to accept life with a "convention of serial killers," as she puts it.

Dexter wants to go off to Argentina with Hannah and Harrison.  Watch out Buenos Aires!  Yeah, I know the odds are long, but I'm hoping against all odds for a happy ending here.

In other words, I'm hoping to hear a song from Evita before the season is over, in addition to the song from Lost.