Counting tonight, there are only two episodes of Dexter's fifth season left, so it's no surprise that last week saw Dexter and Lumen fall into bed together and Jordan Chase reach new heights of creepiness. Now, however, it's time to move all the pieces into place for next week's season finale. Next-to-last episodes can either be filler, or fantastic. In this case, it was pretty fantastic.

Post-their romantic interlude, Dexter and Lumen are discussing how they're going to take down Jordan when he realizes that they're being watched. He believes it's Jordan, but finds the equipment has a police tag; he uncovers the electronic record of the paperwork Stan falsified and blames Quinn. This leads him to take Lumen and search Quinn's apartment, where they find the photos Stan gave him in "Teenage Wasteland." Further making my favorite character look bad, Deb chooses now to tell Dexter that Quinn once believed he was involved in Rita's death. (At least she also admits "I really care about him.")

In case you weren't sure that Quinn is having a really miserable time, Stan decides to pay another unexpected visit, this time in the Miami Metro parking lot, asking for his help in busting Dexter. Quinn doesn't hesitate in turning him down, but that doesn't deter Stan. Really, Peter Weller is excellent in playing so bad that I get irritated every time he turns up on screen. I felt that way when he was on 24, and I feel even moreso on this show. Never mind that I loved him when he was Robocop decades ago.

Debra and Quinn question Jordan, as you'd have to be dumb and blind not to realize that everyone around him is ending up dead. Deb brings their case to the rest of the squad, including her theory that it's one of Chase's victims doing the killing. They interview the wife of one of Jordan's late friends and discover his previous identity, while Batista finds the link between Jordan and Alex Tilden. The three of them begin to dissect the long history of Jordan's crimes, which gives Quinn an opportunity to try and get back in Deb's good graces. He awkwardly spills his guts, and it's actually kind of romantic as he tells her that she's made him a better person and he doesn't want to lose her. As a fan of the both of them, and the two of them together, I can only hope that she believes him.

She doesn't get a chance to answer him, however, as Batista interrupts with the news that Jordan is headed for Europe the following day. Of all people, LaGuerta saves the day with a material witness order - if only Jordan was on the plane. Deb arrives to take him into custody, but no one knows where he is, except Lumen, that is.

Realizing the walls are closing in on both him and his intended target, Dexter tries to get Lumen to leave once again, and again, she turns him down. He proves himself right, however, when he decides to make a move on the surveillance van he believes belongs to Quinn, and gets Tasered by Stan. This leaves Lumen alone as she gets a tearful phone call from the easily manipulated (or is that manipulative?) Emily Birch, who has Jordan hanging out in her living room. Is it any wonder that Lumen ends up abducted? Her decision to go alone is the kind of emotional, impetuous move that made me yell at my TV, but it fits completely with the naivete of her character.

Stan calls Quinn, demanding that they meet. Dexter overhears Quinn turning him down again, but Stan threatens to involve "another cop" (presumably Deb), leaving Quinn with no choice but to capitulate. He gets there just as Dexter and Stan are struggling in the back of the van, a fight which ends with Stan being stabbed. Thankfully, since Quinn didn't want to be there in the first place, he doesn't stay long. Dexter is able to dispose of all Stan's evidence, but not of his body. That's going to be a big thorn in both his and Quinn's sides next week, but could that common enemy also bring them closer together?

Dexter's certainly going to need all the help he can get to save Lumen from Jordan and save himself in the process - both in terms of his cover and in terms of his emotional health. How badly would it mess him up emotionally if something were to happen to her? It's just the first of the many burning questions the Dexter writers have set up for the finale. Is the uncovering of Stan and his involvement with Quinn going to further damage Quinn's relationship with Deb, even if Quinn cut ties with Stan a long time ago? Is Deb going to get to Jordan before Dexter does, or does she even have the potential to expose her brother along with the man they've both been hunting? I can think of a good half-dozen questions I have for next week, and that's exactly the way I want to feel going into a season finale.

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