Previously on "I Love Money," Mr. Boston went completely crazy when the time came for his losing team to put names in the vault. He knew his time was up, so he screamed, cried, bent the check, and then stalked off. Because of this the host Craig would have to be in the vault when the decisions are made to keep everything safe and calm.

12 Pack was in trouble with his team because he chose to keep Destiney, who everyone in the house seems to hate for some unknown reason. Is it because she messed around with two guys in the house? She would not be the only one. Is it because one of them is the super creepy Entertainer? Probably. In any case, 12 Pack was in trouble with his team, and everyone planned to get read of Destiney regardless.

This week Toastee and Real were the team captains, and after a few shots of the "couples" snuggling in bed (12 Pack and Heather, Entertainer and Destiney), the real competition began. The challenge was a crying one; the team had to shed a tear. Red paint was marked on their faces to show where the tear has to fall past, and numerous instruments were given to the team to help - things like onions, cayenne powder, hot sauce, and tweezers.

Pumkin immediately stuck cayenne powder in her eyes and not only started to cry, but would probably be doing it for a very long time considering how hard that will sting. Not the smartest move, but clearly effective. The Green team had a hard time getting tears to flow and seemed like the clear underdogs when Toastee asked 12 Pack to slap her across the fact to make her cry. Ouch. It did not work when Megan slapped Brandi. Real barely tried at all, but it does not matter since Rodeo was the last Gold member to shed a tear, and they won for a third time.

Toastee would therefore be the one to decide who goes home this week. Everyone was sucking up to her except for Destiney, who was moping instead and intended to lean upon a former promise from Toastee to have her back. Yeeeeeah, keep dreaming. Entertainer planned on faking a fight so that the girls would all support and embrace Destiney, but everyone got so drunk that it did not happen. Brandi C also appeared to be topless for the party.

The Green team had to put three names in the vault. Brandi C and Real volunteered without complaint since everyone knows Destiney is the real one in trouble. She got voted in. It seems insane that Toastee had a chance to get rid of a strong competitor in Real, not to mention break up the Stallionaires, but this is "I Love Money." It is shocking if they remember to put clothing on.

The bottom three and Toastee went on their little soiree together, and each plead their case. Destiney reminded Toastee of her promise a few episodes ago and that Real is the most dangerous competitor. Real argued that the girls are schemers. Toastee came back and asked her team for their opinion. 12 Pack, Entertainer and Heather encouraged her to send the strongest player home, Real, but Hoopz and Pumkin want Destiney gone. Then again, Real hasn't really shown himself to be a particularly strong player. He gave up on the tear contest, and Chance has bailed on two of the challenges now. The only Stallionaire who actually works at it is Whiteboy. Why isn't he eliminated by now? Oh, right, that's what last week was about. Sorry, Mr. Boston.

The inevitable happens, of course, and Destiney is sent home. The Entertainer balked at saying he will go home as well, since he needed the money. He did mention in the confession clips that he planned on burning down the house if they sent Destiney home. Hmmmm. Tune in Sunday on VH1 at 9 pm EST for a new installment of competitive drama and backstabbing stupidity on "I Love Money."

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Story by Chelsea 'Dee' Doyle
Starpulse contributing writer