Grab that popcorn and soda then sit back and be ready to be blown away because 2 Guns is the perfect mixture of comedy and action. Though the plot of the film is outrageously complex with dozens of twists and turns (and oh no they aren’t going there, but they are moments), Denzel Washington’s and Mark Wahlberg’s chemistry on screen is electric.

Wahlberg is especially happy with this latest twist on the traditional buddy comedy. Usually they’ll take the comedy guy, the really out-there comedy guy, and put him with the straight guy. Wahlberg explains they didn’t want to do that and felt like the two had to be really formidable opponents, to earn that camaraderie, to earn that trust in one another.

So what are some of these twists in the story? The two play thieves looking to steal three million bucks from the bank of Mexican kingpin Papi Greco (Edward James Olmos). But….hold on for the twist, Bobby Trench (Washington) and "Stig" Stigman (Wahlberg) are really DEA. Stig works for U.S. naval intelligence; Bobby intends to use the cash as evidence in Greco's prosecution, while Stig's superiors want it to fund off-the-books military ops. Both men are unaware of their conflicting undercover roles, each thinks the other is just a crook who'll be disposed of after the heist. However, both men get more than they bargained for, instead of stealing three million… try $43 million. Hold on again, that money doesn’t belong to Papi or the drug cartel, but the CIA and that is just the beginning of the story.

This comedy does touch on real issues like crooked government agencies, border relations and immigration, yet it thrives on excesses thanks to a winning chemistry between stars Denzel and Mark. Their animated banter-heavy dialogue is executed perfectly leaving us to wonder why they haven't shared the screen before?

Maybe Denzel just doesn’t do funny movies. No, he just does them very infrequently. His last funny film was Heart Condition, opposite Bob Hoskins in 1990. The only other comedy on his résumé was his 1981 debut film, Carbon Copy.