Actor Dennis Hopper has died of prostate cancer at age 74, according to multiple online sources. He passed away Saturday morning.

In 1969, with friends Peter_Fonda and Jack_Nicholson in front of the camera, Hopper decided to direct his own movie. The result was "Easy_Rider," a sprawling, drug-fueled journey through an America torn apart by the conflict in Vietnam. Initially rejected by producer Roger_Corman, the film became a countercultural touchstone, grossing millions at the box office.

He has also starred in films such as "Rebel Without a Cause," "Blue Velvet," "Hoosiers," "Speed," "Waterworld" and "EdTV."

Hopper had been battling personal issues on top of his health problems - he filed for divorce from his wife Victoria Duffy in January and received a restraining order against her in February, after his doctor insisted her presence in the marital home was "hampering his cancer care."

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