Demi Moore's brother is in jail for beating his fiancee with a telephone, it has emerged. James Craig Harmon, 38, is behind bars in Texas for attacking Tasha Marie Lee in October 2005.
The half brother of the actress, who has the same father as the troubled Ghost star, was sentenced to ten years after pleading guilty to aggravated assault in February 2006.

Details of the conviction have only just emerged. According to court documents, he 'repeatedly struck her in the head with a telephone, causing serious bodily injury at the Intown Suites Motel in Houston, Texas in October 2005. The phone was described as a deadly weapon in court.

The assault happened after he accused her of being unfaithful. After climbing on top of her and repeatedly punching her in the face, he then cut her trousers with a knife and started hitting her with the motel room phone. Police were alerted to the assault after a security guard saw her trying to escape, running with her face bloodied and bruised into her car, locking herself inside. Harmon followed her, screaming at her until she let him inside. The guard went over and obtained the keys to the vehicle and then contacted the sheriff's office.

By the time an officer arrived on the scene Harmon had fled, but he observed her eyes were bruised and swollen, that the right side of her face was covered in blood, and that she had a large cut from her eyebrow across her eye. Harmon was sent to the Mark W Stiles Unit in Jefferson County, Texas after being convicted.

He has previously been convicted for being a felon in possession of a firearm, theft and possession of cocaine. He is set to be released from his current sentence in 2015.

There are no details as to how close Demi is to her half brother. James and Demi's mother Charles Harmon left the actress' mother after two months of marriage, before she was even born.