Discover the remarkable story of a courageous police dog that proves that a dog is a family's best friend in Ace of Hearts, debuting on DVD May 6 from Fox Home Entertainment.

Inspired by a Reader's Digest true story, Ace of Hearts stars Dean Cain ("Las Vegas," "Lois & Clark") as Officer Daniel Harding, a distinguished officer of the K-9 police unit and his trusty four-legged partner Ace, a German Shepard. The journey begins when Ace is wrongly accused of hurting a suspect, leading an overzealous district attorney to convince police authorities he should be punished, stripped of his badge and taken away. Officer Harding and his 13 year-old junior sleuth daughter, played by Britt McKillip (Bratz: Babyz The Movie), team up and embark on a mission to clear Ace's name, save a valuable family member and bring everyone together again.

Officer Dan Harding (Cain) and his trusty canine partner, Ace are the best duo on the police force. But unfortunately, all of that hard police work leaves little time for Dan's family, including his 13-year-old daughter Julia (Britt McKillip). When Ace is accused of a crime he didn't commit, it's Julia who sets out to prove Ace's innocence. Soon Julia's keen sleuthing skills - combined with her unending faith and will to save Ace - reconnects her family when they need it the most.

Special Features:
The Ace Of Hearts DVD includes English and Spanish Dolby Digital audio along with English and Spanish subtitles and is presented in widescreen 1.85:1 aspect ratio.

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