Dead Social Media Apps We Wish Would Make a Comeback

Social media has spent a lot of time in the news as of late, with the Facebook breach of user security, and Russian meddling in our election across other platforms, it almost makes you wish some of the social media platforms from the good old days would just make a return.

Whether they were used for connecting with friends, or to increase your fashion sense, or even used as some sort of tool that many just didn't use or couldn't figure out how to master, these apps were the top of the line, in an industry overloaded with apps that just never seemed to catch on or figure out how to make money.

Even though many of these apps are gone, those of us who used many or all of them wish that they would come back revamped and better than ever, but with more apps hitting the market every day, it may just be wishful thinking.



Who didn't love Vine? The short-form video player was available on all platforms and turned regular people into Vine celebrities. In only a few seconds people could tell a story or loop a .gif with sound and people loved it. But, how do you monetize such a thing? It is something Twitter, the owner's of 'Vine,' could never figure out. 

This is the one app on this list with the greatest potential of making a re-vamped comeback, so you may be able to get a little excited, but don't hold your breath.

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