When Dax Shepard asked Kristen Bell to marry him two years ago, he did it buck naked. Shepard, 37, originally planned on proposing a few weeks after Christmas in 2010, but he got swept up in the moment and couldn't wait.

He revealed on "The View," "I had planned a very romantic way to do it - the restaurant that I first told her I loved her at - and so I thought, 'Oh, I'll go back there and do it right.' That was gonna happen a couple (of) weeks after Christmas.
"But then Christmas Day we had such a beautiful day together, and we were laying in bed, and I thought, 'I'm gonna try to fabricate this feeling in two weeks at this restaurant or I can just do it right now.'
"But I was not clothed at that moment. I was bare naked. And I walked to the bedroom, where I had been hiding it in a coat pocket, and on my way there it had occurred to her."

The couple star in the new movie "Hit & Run" about an ex-getaway driver who flees from the feds and gangsters after quitting the witness-protection program in order to drive his girlfriend to her new job in Los Angeles. It hits theaters Aug. 24.