"Where Are We Now?" is amongst the most beautiful, tender, and heartbreaking songs that David Bowie has ever released. The song is contemplative and mellow, and many fans of the Thin White Duke worried that his new album was going to be tamed and mellowed by his age. After all, almost nothing has been heard from Bowie since his heart attack ten years ago, and people really began to worry that the end was nigh for Bowie's recording career.

Luckily, "The Stars" is a triumphant return to form, a rocking anthem that would have fit on many of Bowie's 70's hit records, and shows that Bowie hasn't lost any of his songwriting talent despite taking a decade long break.

The music video is a miniature movie in it's own right, and features Bowie and Tilda Swinton as his wife. This casting was obviously chosen to make reference to the popular belief on the internet that the two are in fact the same person (If you don't believe me, check out this site). The two are a perfectly happy couple who end up having their lives invaded by two celebrities who have just moved into town. The celebrities break into the couples home and quickly take control over their lives, and soon the once happy couple becomes stalkers themselves. It's a fantastic video and a definite statement piece about celebrity culture, if nothing else.

Bowie's new album is looking more and more promising, and luckily there's only two weeks left until it is released. Check back for a review and more Bowie related stories in the coming weeks.