Australian singer Dannii Minogue has fired back at Kelly Osbourne after the reality show star scolded her for lying about her mom Sharon in a new book.

In her autobiography Dannii: My Story, Minogue claims Sharon Osbourne made her cry when she first joined British talent show The X Factor as a judge in 2007. She reveals Osbourne shouted at her moments before her live TV debut, accusing her of failing to dismiss rumors the two judges had fallen out.

However, Sharon's daughter Kelly rushed to defend her mother over the allegations, calling Minogue "the devil," for making the disparaging comments. Minogue has now responded to Kelly's accusations that her book is "full of lies," insisting she hasn't made up the account of what happened.

She tells X Magazine, "I just put what happened in the book. I don't want to get into the back and forth of this. I wasn't really upset or angry, I just laughed. I know what's true. She made strong accusations, but I'm not a liar - if she's calling me a liar, she's calling everyone who was there a liar. The producers and everyone. There were a lot of witnesses."

"I don't want to get into some kind of slanging match with anyone. You can't change anyone's opinion of you. If someone doesn't like me, I've always just stayed out of their way."


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