We know being James Bond is hard work. That’s why we appreciate it so much when he saves the world with a great sacrifice to his personal relationships (how many of those Bond girls stick around? Even the ones that survive leave.) Daniel Craig has a good sense of humor about it though, as he described making the latest film Skyfall.

“It’s seven months of filming so it’s like making four movies at the same time,” Craig said. “There’s a second unit going on, there’s the main unit. We’re shooting action sequences, we’re shooting dialogue sequences, underwater sequences. There’s nothing like it. It’s a real privilege and an honor just to be around that.”

Some of Skyfall’s sequences felt far fetched even by James Bond standards. “Suddenly I’m on top of the train driving through the Turkish countryside and it makes sense, but I know what’s happening. I know what’s happening next. I know where the story’s going and I’m clear. So it gives it a huge amount of freedom and I get a kick out of it. I don’t do all my own stunts. I’d be lying if I said that but I like the fact that occasionally you’ll see it on screen and it’s my face and it’s me. I think audiences hopefully appreciate that. At least I hope they do.”

Craig is contracted for two more Bond films, however they are only working on one follow-up at the moment. “I get a huge kick out of doing this and I can see doing another film. The whole point of this is they take such a chunk out of your life. I’m contracted to two, by the way, which is fairly common. I can see the next one. Beyond that, there’s so much work involved, bringing it together. I’d love to do another movie. That’s what I’m trying to say in a very roundabout way.”

Skyfall is now playing.

Via: CableTV.com