Daniel Craig is learning to free-run for upcoming Bond film Casino Royale. Free-running - also known as parkour - is the ultimate new urban sport and involves leaping and swinging across buildings, while risking life and limb. Craig has been taking lessons from French star Sebastien Foucan - the founder of parkour. Foucan - who once made a spectacular leap across a gap in the roof of the Millennium Stadium, in Wales - is playing Bond's nemesis, Mollaka, in the new film.

A source is quoted in The Sun newspaper as saying: "Daniel and Seb have become good friends while filming. Seb gives him personal tuition in parkour and Daniel has taken to it incredibly well."

Craig - who has been lambasted by angry Bond fans convinced he is the wrong choice to play the suave spy - says he's determined to put the "wow factor" back into the series and shake off his "wimpy" tag.

The 38-year-old star recently said: "It's incredibly physical. I'm getting kicks and bruises. It's the wow factor. You want the audience to be short of breath. The audience gets it when the stunts are for real."