It's hard to believe someone would want to frame Danica McKellar for a crime. The actress is talented, smart, beautiful and generally one of Hollywood's great people. But in Lifetime's The Wrong Woman, which premieres Saturday, she plays a housewife who's accused of murder and must fight to prove her innocence. BFTV recently checked in with Danica to get the scoop on the movie - as well as some of her other recent work.

"I thought when I read the script that it was a really, cool amazing opportunity for an actress to go through like every emotion in the book," she said of the movie, which also stars Jonathan Bennett and Jaleel White. "To go from the shy, scared housewife to really coming into her own power and defending herself in court."

The Wrong Woman is a reimagining of the 1956 Alfred Hitchcock film The Wrong Man, but Danica told us that she avoided the source material when approaching the role of Ellen Plainview. "I did not watch the movie deliberately. I actually keep meaning to watch it," she explained. "To me, it's important to own the character and not try to imitate something else. I wanted to make this a really special, heartfelt story."

She certainly succeeds, as the flick will definitely put you through the emotional wringer right alongside Ellen. Without spoiling too much, be sure that you don't miss when she delivers her closing argument in court. "That's probably one of my favorite scenes I've ever done," Danica told us.

"There's lots of crying and lots of emotion [in the movie]," she added. "It was just really cleansing." And it's definitely not your prototypical Lifetime movie. This is one you won't want to miss, primarily because of the strong performance from its leading lady.

Check out the trailer below.