"Dancing with the Stars" has reached the quarter finals this week. With only six couples left, the competition is winding down and beginning to heat up. This week the couples had to perform two full dances - one of them the trio dance.

First on the dance floor was Zendaya and Valentin with a Foxtrot. The dance took Carrie Ann's breath away and the judges called it fun, artistic, breezy, and graceful. Zendaya and Valentin scored a 28 for the dance.

Sean and Peta dance a Tango that the judges said was sharp and had attack but was inconsistent and a bit ugly. Sean and Peta earned 21 points.

Jacoby and Karina performed a Viennese Waltz that Len and Jacoby's Mom loved and Carrie Ann called it stunning. The pair scored 27 points for their Viennese Waltz.

Ingo and Kym also performed a Foxtrot. The judges loved the musical interpretation and said it was by far Ingo's best posture. Ingo and Kym scored 24 points for their Foxtrot.

Kellie and Derek dance a Viennese Waltz that had the judges praising their technique; adding that it was sophisticated and had lyrical movement. Kellie and Derek scored a 28 for the dance.

Aly and Mark finished out round one with an Argentine Tango that the judges called seductive, terrific, sensational, and had mood and atmosphere. Aly and Mark earned a near perfect score of 29.

Round one results...
Sean and Peta - 21
Ingo and Kym - 24
Jacoby and Karina - 27
Zendaya and Valentin - 28
Kellie and Derek - 28
Aly and Mark - 29

In the trio round an eliminated professional or a DWTS Troupe member joins the couple to "enhance" the dance performance.

First up were Zendaya and Valentin with Gleb dancing a Salsa that had the judges praising the dancers for working together and making Zendaya look like a star. After Carrie Ann called Zendaya the queen of Salsa, the trio earned the first perfect score of the season.

Sean and Peta paired up with Sharna for a Jazz routine that Bruno said had plenty of magic but was a little tragic. While the girls were incredible, Sean had some trouble with his footwork. The trio scored 21 points for their dance.

Former DWTS champion Cheryl Burke joined forces with Jacoby and Karina for a Paso Doble that had Len calling the dance floor a bull ring and proclaiming Jacoby a contender. Jacoby and the girls scored 25 points for their Paso.

Ingo and Kym chose Lindsay for a Jive that the judges would have liked to be a little sharper but said had great energy, was full on, and fun. The trio scored 24 points for their Jive.

Kellie and Derek chose Tristan for a Paso Doble that picked up where their Viennese Waltz left off. While Carrie Ann and Bruno loved the performance and give it a 10, Len was less than pleased calling it a "Hodge podge" of moves with flashing lights and crashing music. Kellie, Derek, and Tristan scored 27 points for their Paso Doble.

The final performance of the night was a Jive from Aly, Mark and Troupe member Henry to "Hit the Road Jack." The judges were pleased with what they saw commenting on how much Aly had grown over the season and can portray characters now. The trio scored 27 points for their Jive.

Trio Round scores...
Sean, Peta, and Sharna - 21
Ingo, Kym, and Lindsay - 24
Jacoby, Karina and Cheryl - 25
Kellie, Derek and Tristan - 27
Aly, Mark, and Henry - 27
Zendaya, Valentin, and Gleb - 30

Total scores...
Sean and Peta - 21 + 21 = 42
Ingo and Kym - 24 + 24 = 48
Jacoby and Karina - 27 + 25 = 52
Kellie and Derek - 28 + 27 = 55
Aly and Mark - 30 + 27 = 57
Zendaya and Valentin - 28 + 30 = 58