It was a night filled with diversity on Dancing With The Stars. Almost everyone performed a different type of dance, Michael Flatly, the Lord of the Dance, took Len's position for the night as a guest judge, and all the stars joined together to coordinate a hip hop routine.

Maurice Greene and Cheryl Burke were the first to take the floor, performing a Viennese waltz. Maurice was skeptical on dancing a ballroom-esque number because he had not done so since week one of the competition. He claimed his mind was on overload. He didn't get too bad critiques, but he did wind up with the second lowest score of the night. Carrie Ann Inaba informed Maurice that his chemistry with Cheryl was severely lacking. Bruno Tonioli said he lacked fluidity. Guest judge Michael Flatly had kinder words; he told Maurice that it was a beautiful dance and great to see the "fastest man do something slow for a change." Maurice scored a 21 for his rendition of the waltz.

Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer were the next couple to perform. After some harsh words last week, aimed primarily at Lacey, the two took things down to Florida to get some help from former N'Sync band-mates Joey Fatone (previous Dancing competitor) and Chris Kirkpatrick. Joey encouraged Lance to put his personality into the dancing and to show off his "flair." Lance definitely shined through the jive. Bruno said he was "back on target," Michael Flatly said he was "smoking," and Carrie Ann just said, "finally!" Lance topped the leader board with his highest score yet, a 27.

Susan Lucci and Tony Dovolani had to test their dancing skills with the mambo. Once again, Susan had some help from All My Children co-star and former Dancing competitor, Cameron Mathison Susan needed to let loose in her performances and think out of the box. And while I thought her dancing still looked like slow motion, the judges seemed pleased…for the most part. Michael Flatly told Susan she had elegance about her and to "never change." Bruno and Carrie Ann got into a dispute about whether or not Susan's timing was off. While she presumably did better than weeks past, her scores still were not very high, giving her a grand total of 23.

Brooke Burke faced a dreaded injury this week; she strained a tendon in her foot, making it difficult to dance and cut the practice time in half. Luckily, she and Derek Hough had to dance the rumba, which was slow and sensual. She didn't do too much dancing, but she sure looked pretty. Carrie Ann and Bruno both noticed that she was "under par" from her previous performances. Carrie Ann told her "this was not your best dance, the injury held you back." But, thank goodness for Michael Flatly. He was overly pleased with her performance saying she became the dance of love. He gave her the only ten of the night. Her score of 26 wasn't too low, but definitely lower for her than weeks past.

And then there was Cloris Leachman and Corky Ballas attempt at dancing the cha cha cha. I really don't think Corky expected Cloris to stay around this long in the competition, and with that, the training sessions are getting harder and harder. Cloris is being obstinate and saying "she doesn't need any reminders about the dances." She also seems to not pay attention in practice which could be why she didn't remember some of her moves on the dance floor. I get that she's older, and this is way impressive for someone of her age, but seriously people. If it takes her "once upon a time husband" to scold her into listening in practice, what is she really aiming to prove here? Carrie Ann said it best when she claimed, "We lost Toni Braxton for this?" Cloris' cha cha cha didn't even resemble anything close to a dance. Bruno told her she is the only person "capable of selling such nonsense." But, it doesn't matter what the judges say to her, she basically summed it up herself when she retorted, "I don't wanna hear it!" Cloris, of course, had the lowest score of the evening, a 15.

Cody Linley and Julianne Hough had an easy act to follow coming after Cloris and Corky. They were set to perform the samba and came prepared with Cody's spray on tanner. He claimed that it helped him get into the character of the dance. Carrie Ann said that Cody's rendition of the samba was "the most intense" she'd ever seen. Michael Flatly said he showed great strength and determination in his routine. But, Bruno was the negative one. He said that Cody got the dance all wrong. He received a mediocre 23 for his samba.

Last, but certainly not least, was Warren Sapp and Kym Johnson performing the rumba; it was the only time a dance was repeated by another star all evening. Of course, this also showcased the rivalry between the two front runners, Warren and Brooke. Warren said that now that Brooke was injured, he was out to attack. He didn't quite beat her though. Carrie Ann may have called him "sexy" and Michael may have said he was "entertaining," but once again Bruno pointed out that Warren made mistakes. Those mistakes left him one point shy of Brooke's total, a 25.

The group hip hop routine was entertaining to watch, but only for fan votes. I'd have to say that even though he claims to have been "the worst dancer in N'Sync," Lance Bass was pretty much the only one to pull of the hip hop choreography by Showtyme.

We'll have to see how the stars do when they are actually judged on two routines each week, rather than goofing around.

Story by Beth Wickman

Starpulse contributing writer