One more week and we’ll be calling ‘Dancing With The Stars’ season 12 over, and I haven’t ever seen a season like this.  Oh, I know that Tom’s announcer voice is always going on about “the most talked about cast” or “the tightest competition” or the “most mind-blowing thing on earth” (okay, maybe not that one, but he might as well), but they say that every single season.  This season really is tight, and it’s getting tighter.

Before we jump into the elimination show, and all the extraneous things it entails, we take an hour for an extraneous freestyle special.  It was just what it sounds like: a bunch of finalists and winners came back to talk about their freestyle, among them Warren Sapp, Donnie Osmond, and (my favorite freestyler) Apolo Anton Ohno.  Cheryl and Drew Lachey gave an encore of their freestyle from season two to “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)”, and while it’s not on the top of my list, it was apparently the top of everyone else’s, considering the viewers voted in with this as their favorite freestyle.

With about five minutes to go, our semi-finalists finally come out, and we’re told we’re going to find out what their freestyle songs are, but what we got was vague.  Hines is doing a “Jackson Five thing”, Kirstie joked about doing aerials, but wouldn’t say the song.  Ralph is doing something like The Band Wagon (a 1953 musical with Fred Astaire).  Chelsea didn’t really give anything away, except that she wasn’t going to stop taking chances.

...Well, that was anticlimactic.

This is where the scores were on Monday:

1. Chelsea and Mark - 73
2. Hines and Kym - 60
3. Kirstie and Maks - 54
4. Ralph and Karina - 48

Chelsea and Mark’s rumba got the encore, and then Hines and Kym got the first pass on to the finals.  Stevie Nicks was up next, followed by Pitbull featuring Ne-Yo.  Nothing exciting there, but Chelsea was given the go ahead to the finals next, and that was exciting!  The young one with the smallest fan base made it!  We’ll probably never know if that extra 15 points made a difference, but who cares, right?

That leaves Kirstie and Ralph on the chopping block.  But there was still thirty minutes left, so we had time to fill before the loser (er... non winning party?) was announced.  So we got another story about how dance makes people’s lives all roses and sunshine, and met Tayla Kelly, a young girl with a serious immune disorder who uses dance to take her away from the stress of her illness.  Sweet.

More Stevie Nicks, and clips from Monday night... and finally it’s results time.  Between Kirstie and Ralph, Ralph bit the bullet.  It’s definitely not surprising.  Overall, though, it was disappointing.  Ralph started out so strong, and he seemed to have so much potential.  But in the end he suffered from White Boy-itis.  Yes, I know he’s Italian and no longer a boy, but you know what I mean.  He went from good, to inconsistent, to meh, to whhhaaaat?!  Not a good progression.  Sorry, Ralphie.