This week on “Dancing with the Stars” the nine remaining couples must tackle dances that they have rarely, if ever, seen in the Ballroom with only one of the dances being a true Ballroom dance.

Grammy and Emmy Award winning choreographer, singer, dancer, and Judge Paula Abdul joins Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli, and Carrie Ann Inaba at the judge’s table this week.

With the unusual dances being performed this week, lifts are being allowed in the performances.

First up was Kristie and Maks with a Charleston to “42nd Street” that had Kristie jumping out of a cake.  Len said Kristie turns Monday’s into fun days.  Kristie and Maks scored what would turn out to be the lowest score of the night with 30 points.

Bristol and Mark performed a rock and roll dance to “At the Hop” that the judges called well done with energy and focused.  Head judge Len Goodman called it Bristol’s best dance yet.  Bristol and Mark avoided the bottom spot this week with a score of 32 points.

Dressed in a coat that rivaled a Cookie Monster suit, Sabrina and Louis channeled the New York club Studio 54 in their Disco routine.  In a performance that had Bruno calling Sabrina a Disco diva, the judge’s were praising the vibrant routine that showed moves previously not seen from Sabrina.  Sabrina and Louis scored 35.5 points for their Disco routine.

Emmitt and Cheryl performed the Cuban dance of love – the Bolero.  Cheryl solicited some extra help for this week for a routine that the judges called beautiful, sexy, and sensual with fluid lines.  Emmitt and Cheryl scored 36 points for their dance.

Giles and Peta took on the first Bollywood dance in the Ballroom.  In a dance the judges praised for being stylistic perfection, fantastic, and beyond belief; Giles said that they were still struggling with the routine just 48 hours before performance time.  Giles and Peta earned the first perfect scores of the season with three 10s and a total score of 39.5 out of 40.

Melissa and Tony took on a Jitterbug that Len called a Glitterbug.  The judge’s praised Tony’s choreography and Melissa’s performance saying she made everything look easy.  Melisa and Tony scored 37 points for their dance.

With the only real Ballroom dance of the night, Shawn and Derek performed a Mambo that the judges called mesmerizing sexy, elegant, and down and dirty.  Paula called it her favorite dance of the night.  Shawn and Derek earned the second set of 10s for the night with a score of 39.5 points.

Apolo and Karina drew the Hip-Hop routine that had Karina bringing in a Hip-Hop expert to help with the choreography.  During the performance Karina slipped and fell and while she was uninjured, she was extremely upset and felt that she had messed things up for Apolo.  Despite Karina’s fall the judges called the performance smoking, fantastic, had swagger, and with attitude.  Apolo and Karina scored 34.5 points for their dance.

The last dance for the week was a Contemporary routine from Kelly and Valentin to “Fix You”.  Kelly was performing with a broken toe.  Len called Kelly the biggest revelation and the judges said the performance was beautiful, amazing, and the hardest of all the dance styles of the night.  Kelly and Valentin earned 37.5 points for their dance.

On the results show Tuesday Donny Osmond, Susan Boyle, and the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers will perform.

Next week the team dances return and there is no results show; just two one hour episodes.

Kristie and Maks – 30
Bristol and Mark – 32
Apolo and Karina – 34.5
Sabrina and Louis – 35.5
Cheryl and Emmitt – 36
Melissa and Tony – 37
Kelly and Valentin – 37.5
Giles and Peta – 39.5
Shawn and Derek – 39.5