With emotions running wild, last night was an amazing and beautiful night for season fourteen of Dancing With The Stars. For week three the stars had to share personal stories about their most memorable year, which led to some impeccable performances. As for their choice of dance, the contestants had to choose one unlearned dance, which included the rumba, samba, salsa, waltz, foxtrot and jive for the evening.  

Throughout the night contestants touched the hearts of viewers with their heartfelt stories, and moves that varied from graceful to extremely sexy. And, as each of the celebrities awaited their scores, they all seemed to breakdown, when they were asked about what their dance meant to them.

It was an emotionally charged night, but honestly I think the emotions helped some of the dancers loosen up and dance a little better. Here is a detailed recap. Let me know your thoughts about the night down below. 


1. Jack Wagner (Actor) & Anna Trebunskaya
Dance: Samba
Song: Jack Wagner- "Lighting Up the Night"
Scores: 8,8,8
Judges: Carrie Ann said I was worried, but you totally uplifted the room. I want to see more of you. Len said I loved the rhythm and the choreography. Great dancing and your best dance so far. Bruno said you got the party started. Much better.

Most Memorable Year: Jack said that 2011 was the most memorable year for him. This was the year that he first met his estranged daughter, and so he decided to dedicate the performance to her.

2. Maria Menounos (Actress, Author and TV Host) & Derek Hough
Dance: Rumba
Song: Madonna- “Material Girl”
Scores: 9, 9, 9

Judges: Carrie Ann said that was truly the vertical and horizontal expression of the true horizontal desire. I didn’t see a sign of your hurt rib. Beautiful. Len said a little of the bedroom going on there, but the technique was good. Overall I would say fabulous. Bruno said I felt it. Is that Maria or Aphrodite the goddess of love? There was no rhythm in the song, but you nailed it.

 Most Memorable Year: Maria said that 1988 was the most memorable year for her. The television host continued to say that she remembered working with her parents and dancing to Madonna’s “Material Girl.” That's why she dedicated the performance to them and chose the song she did.

3. Gladys Knight (Singer and Songwriter) & Tristan MacManus
Dance: Foxtrot
Song: Sam Cooke- “Cupid”
Scores: 8, 8, 8
Judges: Carrie Ann said last week I noticed your frame was out of whack, but this week you danced like you sing. Very sensual and soulful. Len said you and I are the same age, and I realize the amount of work and dedication it takes to come out here each week. Much better than last week. Bruno said such grace and finesse, and your frame was much better.

Most Memorable Year: Gladys said that 1957 was the most memorable year for her, because it was the year of her first tour with the Pips. The singer said that she learned so much, especially from Sam Cooke, and that's why she dedicated the performance to him.


4. Roshon Fegan (Disney Star) & Chelsie Hightower
Dance: Samba
Song: Michael Jackson- "I Want You Back"
Scores: 8,8,9
Judges: Carrie Ann said I have to agree with Len. I would have liked to have seen more of the traditional samba. Also, I don’t think it was your best dance. On some of the spins the timing was off. Len said I loved the endurance and flare, but I would have liked to have seen a little more traditional samba. I do like that you gave it 100%, though. Bruno said Michael Jackson would have loved it. You would have made him proud.

Most Memorable Year: Roshon said that his most memorable year was in 1996; when he got to see Michael Jackson in concert. The disney star said that he remembered this moment, because afterward he would sing and dance like the pop icon.

5. Gavin DeGraw (Singer and Songwriter) & Karina Smirnoff
Dance: Rumba
Song: Billy Joel- “New York State of Mind”
Scores: 8,8,8
Judges: Carrie Ann said I agree with Bruno, you have to work on your turns. But my heart is fluttered, because that was so sexy. There is something sexy about the way you move. I got Gavin fever. Len said I saw good hips and there is progression with you week after week. Bruno said Gavin, you got hips. It’s good to see you extending your moves, but you have to work on your turns.

Most Memorable Year: Gavin said that his most memorable year was in 1998; when he went to go see Billy Joel. The singer said at that point he figured out what he wanted to do, and decided to move out to New York to pursue his dream in singing. He went on to say that there were rough times, but his family was always there and believed in him. 

6. Katherine Jenkins (Singer) & Mark Ballas
Dance: Waltz
Song: Josh Groban- "To Where You Are"
Scores: 10, 9, 10
Judges: Carrie Ann said your dad is definitely smiling down on you. I felt like you had two dancers, marvelous. Len said for me there wasn’t enough dancing, but you are a wonderful dancer. Bruno said sensational!

Most Memorable Year: Katherine said that her most memorable year was in 1996. The singer revealed that her father had lung cancer and she remembered being pulled out of class one day, which allowed her to say goodbye to her father before he died.

7. Sherri Shepherd (Actress, Comedienne and TV Host) & Val Chmerkovskiy
Dance: Rumba
Song: Regina Belle- "If I Could"
Scores: 8, 8, 8
Judges: Carrie Ann said one of the best nights for you. Len said I appreciated the emotion you put into the song. Well done. Bruno said Sherri! Momma can move! Momma can move! I thought you were going to lose it, but you didn’t.

Most Memorable Year: Sherri shared a personal story about her son/miracle child, and dedicated her performance to him. She said that he was born at 25 weeks and doctors told her that he would suffer from cerebral palsy and paralysis. But, today he suffers from neither and she is so thankful.  

8. Melissa Gilbert (Actress, Writer and Producer) & Maksim Chmerkovski
Dance: Jive
Song: Florence and the Machine- "Dog Days Are Over"
Scores: 8, 8, 8
Judges: Carrie Ann said I loved it. You are so dynamic, and I loved the hair. Len said you've come into the competition. Bruno said well, well, well. Melissa is on a mission to put the raunch into the jive. Beautifully done.

Most Memorable Year: Melissa said that her most memorable year, was when she broke her back. The actress said that she thought she would never walk again, let alone dance.

9. Jaleel White (Actor) & Kym Johnson
Dance: Rumba
Song: Babyface- “For The Cool In You”
Scores: 9, 8, 8
Judges: Carrie Ann said bye, bye Urkel. Hello Stefan. Jaleel, welcome back! Len said I thought it was a very confident performance, but you have to learn how to use your arms better. Bruno said you played well. Smooth and cool, but I agree with Len, you need to work on the arms.

Most Memorable Year: Jaleel said that the year he played Steve Urkel’s alter ego, Stefan, was the most memorable for him. He said that after he played the character, people started to treat him differently.

10. William Levy (actor) & Cheryl Burke
Dance: Salsa
Song: Celia Cruz- "La Vida es un Carnaval"
Scores: 9, 9, 10
Judges: Carrie Ann said what do you say to that? I want to go to Cuba. That was ridiculously hot. Len said you put a whole new meaning into free will. You conquered the salsa. Bruno said come closer. I hate you. That was amazing!

Most Memorable Year: William said that 1995 was the most memorable year for him, because that’s when he moved to the United States. He said that it was so important, because no matter how much you work in Cuba, you don’t make any money.

11. Donald Driver (NFL Football Star) & Peta Murgatroyd
Dance: Rumba
Song: Mariah Carey- “One Sweet Day”
Scores: 9, 8, 9
Judges: Carrie Ann said the passion that you just expressed was mesmerizing. I was truly touched. Len said I didn’t expect a big hunky football guy to dance with so much grace. A little bit of bumps, but awesome. Bruno said you always push yourself to the limit and are always in control.

Most Memorable Year: Donald said that 2010 was the most memorable year for him, because that was the year his best friend passed away from cancer. He said that from that point he never let go, and decided to live life to the fullest.

Overall I thought the performances were all great. I think that Melissa was the most improved and Maria and William had the best performances of the night. As for who will be sent home, unfortunately I think it will be Gavin.

What about you?