Four contestants, eight dances, and still one person will have to go home and dance with the stars no more. It could be almost anyone considering the harsh criticism poured on the celebrities this week. It could have something to do with Len's lessons during rehearsal, or it could be because it's the semi-finals, but either way the scores and the dancers were in for a rude awakening.

Brooke Burke and partner Derek Hough danced the jive and the salsa this week. Brooke's goal for the night was to wow the crowd and perform like the three remaining men she's competing against. With her extra focus on facials during the jive, her "technique went down the toilet," according to Bruno. Len called the jive a disaster saying it was "riddled with mistakes." Carrie Ann pointed out Brooke's illegal lifts and said that the dance wasn't semi-final material. At the end of round one, Brooke's low score of 21 put her at the bottom of the judges' leader board. Brooke's salsa was her saving grace, however. With lifts being allowed in this particular number, Carrie Ann said they were difficult, but very appropriate. Len was pleased to see she cut out her showmanship and focused on what she was good at - dancing. Brooke received a ten and two nine's in the second round leaving her with a combined score of 49 out of 60.

Back from potential elimination 2.0 was Cody Linley and original partner Julianne Hough. Cody danced both the paso doble and the salsa. Bruno called his timing poor on the paso and said "it wasn't good enough for the semi-finals." Carrie Ann said she would have given Cody a 10 for his determination, but not for the dancing. Len bluntly said he completely lacked quality. Despite the negative comments, Cody scored one point higher than Brooke in the first round of competition, a 22. As for Cody's salsa, that's a different story. Carrie Ann said it looked fun, but lacked musicality. Bruno called the salsa "cheeky," but Len liked it. After giving Cody some hip lessons, he said the dance was very nice and that he kept a good rhythm and had some great lifts. Cody's second round gave him a score of 24, making his grand total for the evening a 46 out of 60.

Warren Sapp and Kym Johnson danced the mambo and the jitterbug. Apparently, Warren had a very busy week and didn't get to start practicing with Kym until Thursday…and it showed. According to Carrie Ann, Warren's mambo was "lackluster and lacking in content." Bruno summed it up nicely when he claimed that "Warren supersizes the fun and can get away with murder." He received three eights for the mambo. As for the jitterbug, Carrie Ann was concerned with the dangerous lifts, Bruno said his feet were all over the place, but Len (who seems to be a fan) said he "sold it." In comparison to the others, it looked like Warren had given up this week. He didn't even seem to be trying to impress, but survive. Warren's total scores gave him 49 out of 60 to tie with Brooke for second place.

Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer made another sensational comeback with their renditions of the jitterbug and the mambo. Grandpappy Bass came to visit because Lance said doing the jitterbug reminded him of his grandpa's WWII days. Grandpa in the audience was very proud and Lance's good luck charm of the night. In the first round with the mambo Len called it the "best dance so far." Bruno was excited to finally see someone with "final material" bring it to the dance floor, yet still loved the "quirky details" that Lance and Lacey throw in to please the crowd. Carrie Ann described his mambo as a "show stopper" and gave Lance, I believe, his very first ten in the competition. Lance received a 28 for the first round, and things only went uphill from there. His very stylized and characterized jitterbug was "brilliant" according to Bruno. Carrie Ann called it "magic" and Len saluted him. Lance topped the leader board with a 29 for the jitterbug and a 57 out of 60 overall.

Story by Beth Wickman

Starpulse contributing writer